The Developing World of the Child

Written as part of a training pack for practitioners working in children’s services and child protection, and bringing together leading figures from a range of disciplines, this important text shows how the latest child development theories can be applied to professionals’ working practice. Considering theories of development throughout the lifespan from the early years through to adolescence, and transitions to adulthood, this resource is essential reading for a range of professionals including social workers, teachers, and health and mental health professionals.

The authors build up an integrated picture of the developing world of the child, looking at genetic and biological influences alongside individual psychological, interpersonal, familial, educational and wider community domains. The final part of the book looks specifically at issues for practice, including chapters on communicating with children exercising professional judgement, and planning, interventions and outcomes in children’s services.

The Developing World of the Child is specifically designed to fit the requirements of the post qualifying award in children’s services and the social work degree, both at the Open University and elsewhere. It should also be relevant for courses in child psychology and psychiatry, nursing and health visiting and teacher training.

The Developing World of the Child
Edited by Jane Aldgate, David Jones, Wendy Rose and Carole Jeffery
Foreword by Maria Eagle MP
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN 1 84310 244 7


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