Let conscience be my guide

This remarkable collection of prison literature inspires with the eloquent idealism of prisoners of conscience through the ages.

Just as the lone Chinese student confronted the tanks in Tiananmen Square, so too have prisoners of conscience challenged and emboldened with their rare courage.

The contributors to this volume include many of the world’s finest writers: Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Primo Levi, Irina Ratushinskaya, Fyodor Dostoevsky.

There are moving accounts from victims of the Holocaust, Soviet labour camps and psychiatric prisons, nuclear protestors, civil rights and anti-apartheid activists, anti-colonial nationalists and targets of religious persecution through history.

To read their uplifting testimonies is to experience the humanity, faith and idealism of those who endured prisons for reasons of conscience.

‘Nelson Mandela, the best-known political prisoner of his time, once remarked that the way a society treats its prisoners, especially political prisoners, is the test of that society’s conscience.

The remarkable testimonies in the collection, from political prisoners of all ages, prove his point with devastating clarity.

These voices from the inside tell us as much about the outside as our consciences dare to hear.’ – Hugh Lewin, former South African political prisoner, author of Bandiet: out of jail.

‘We live in a world of broken human relations where injustice is experienced daily. This anthology provides a moving testimony to the unbroken spirit of prisoners who rely on their conscience.’ – Sebastian Bakare, Anglican Bishop of Mutare, Zimbabwe.

‘In a world seeming to grow darker every week, this lovely book is witness to the light that cannot be extinguished.’ The late Paul Eddington, actor and former Chair, Equity’s International Committee for Artists’ Freedom.

Let Conscience be my Guide
Edited by Geoffrey Bould
Weaver Press, PO Box A1922, Avondale, Harare,Zimbabwe
Paperback, 294 pp
ISBN 1 84277 675 4


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