Zimbabwe’s Unfinished Business

How is ‘the land question’ in Zimbabwe being reconstituted by the current political and economic crisis, and what does this mean for rethinking the state and redefining the contours of citizenship and nation in postcolonial Zimbabwe?

What do heightened assertions of sovereignty, increasingly violent modes of rule, deepening forms of authoritarian nationalism, and the narrowing of spaces of citizenship, reveal about the changing politics of land?

In the current context of crisis, new alliances and animosities are emerging that simultaneously disrupt old essentialisms and construct new ones. Zimbabwe’s Unfinished Business aims to deconstruct and examine these new relations alongside Zimbabwe’s changing dynamics of exclusion and inclusion.

The book’s starting point is that the crisis is multi-layered in both its provenance and its effects, and is rooted in the complex relationship between contestations over land, processes of rule and state making, and constructions of nation and citizenship.

In considering the crisis in Zimbabwe, the book neither reproduces the narrowly nationalist rhetoric of Zanu (PF), nor adopts uncritically the liberalist counter-position but, rather, argues for the analytic inseparability of questions of land, state, nation and citizenship.

Zimbabwe’s Unfinished Business
Rethinking Land, State and Nation in the Context of Crisis
Amanda Hammar, Brian Raftopoulos & Stig Jensen [eds]
Weaver Press

ISBN 1 77922 011 1

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