Creative Writing With Child and Adult Victims of Abuse

This book presents poems, stories and journal work spontaneously written by people, young and old, who have suffered serious abuse. The editors’ explanations and commentaries suggest how health and social care workers can facilitate creative writing as a potential contribution to emotional healing in work with both individuals and small groups.

In addition to individual contributors, the book records the activities of groups developed by Barnardos for children and young people and by Beyond Existing for adults.

Although not written as a training manual per se, the book offers photocopiable exercises and an appendix of writings for use in staff training.

Can You Read Me? illustrates the great potential for applying our creative imaginations and personal qualities like sensitivity in work with survivors of abuse and those with mental health and disability problems.


Acknowledgements. Glossary of Terms.
1. What It’s All About
2. Issues and Practicalities in Preparing the Book.
3. The Projects.
4. Themes from the Interviews with the Writers.
5. Using Poetry 1: Poems Presented by the Younger Adults.
6. Using Poetry 2: Poems Presented by the Other Adults.
7. Using Journals.
8. Using Stories 1: Adults.
9. Using Stories 2: Children.
10. Endings and Beginnings.
11. Exercises for Adult Victims.

Can You Read Me?
Creative Writing With Child and Adult Victims of Abuse
Edited by Jacki Pritchard and Eric Sainsbury
Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN-10: 1-84310-192-0
ISBN-13: 9781843101925

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