The Purple Violet of Oshaantu

Mee Ali is lucky; her marriage to Michael is a happy one. Unfortunately, for her friend Kauna, marriage brings more pain than pleasure.

Her husband Shange is a violent man, and the bruises he leaves on his wife’s body and soul are living proof of his brutality. Although the other villagers of Oshaantu are aware of her situation, no one except Mee Ali does anything to intervene.

Yet when Shange is found dead at home, the villagers are quick to act, suspecting Kauna of witchcraft or poisoning. Their suspicions are heightened when she refuses to mourn his death.

Contrary to custom, Kauna sheds not a single tear nor sings his praises, however falsely. Instead, she puts herself first and tries to deal with the matter of her and her children’s future.

Kauna’s story, as told by Mee Ali, reveals the value and strength of friendship between women, and how their sense of community goes far beyond a mutual adherence to customs and tradition.

The Purple Violet of Oshaantu
by Neshani Andreas
Weaver Press

ISBN 1 77922 035 9


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