An Editor’s Tips on Getting Published

Todd Thacker, a senior editor at OhmyNews International, says journalists are always asking OhmyNews CEO and founder, Oh Yeon-ho, why citizen reporters spend so much time reporting stories for such small pay (just US$20 for a main page piece).

“His answer over the last six years has remained the same — they are ‘trying to change the world,’” Thacker says.

He says it is true that idealism plays a big part in journalism — both professional and non-professional.

“We don’t do this for the money. We do it because we can make a difference.

“OhmyNews also works on the assumption that “news is a conversation.” We don’t ask our reporters to mimic traditional media, but rather embrace the editorial oversight we provide to engage readers with your own style. First-person accounts, while rare in straight news, are very much encouraged. For us, as editors, the best story is one that prompts readers to give their side of the story, by leaving comments or even becoming citizen reporters themselves,” Thacker says.

He explains that OhmyNews International runs between 10 and 14 stories on its main page.

So how do you get published when there are a thousand writers all vying for that prime real estate? How do you get on the main page and garner the attention, kudos and clicks your hard work deserves?

An Editor’s Tips on Getting Published


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