What am I living for?

Leicester Voluntary Agencies Forum has undertaken a survey into destitution in Leicester amongst people who have encountered the asylum system.  It is a follow-on from the survey done last year.
The findings are written into the report ‘What am I living for?’. VAF does not have its own website. The research was carried out by Dan Dube, and written up by Gill Jackson
The survey was undertaken in winter.  A shocking number of people were found to be sleeping rough in Leicester due to destitution.  For many, the destitution has come about as a result of having their cases rejected by the asylum system at a time when they feel unable to return home.  They believe it is not safe to go home.  Others have permission to stay but because of inadequacies in the system they have no support. We know that there are many others who were not counted.
Next year there will be celebrations to mark the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade … we need to consider the social action that brought about this change in 1807 – we still have forms of slavery in these destitute people, child soldiers, human trifficking. What are we doing about this now?


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