On the eve of the festival of Eid, Narguiss, who ‘never wanted anything to do with politics’, is more preoccupied with family problems than with the radio news of kidnappings and killings. But before dawn she and other innocent people seeking to lead peaceful lives are caught up in a vicious South African conspiracy to infiltrate and destabilise Mozambique.

Skilfully weaving together present events and past memories,

Lília Momplé gives us, in the drama of a few short hours, an insight into the consequences of Mozambique’s complex history.

Lilia Momple is from Mozambique.

by Lilia Momplé
(Heinemann African Writers Series)
Translated from the Portuguese by Richard Bartlett and Isaura de Oliveira.
Cover illustration by Malangatana
2001: 200 x 130; 134pp
ISBN 0 435 91209 7
Weaver Press, PO Box A1922, Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe

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