Managing Common Property in an Age of Globalisation

This is is an account of the challenges posed by globalisation on the management of common property resources in Zimbabwe, a developing country whose experiences are relevant to other countries in the southern African region and beyond.

The book documents Zimbabwean experiences of the management of common property resources against a backdrop of inequitable access to resources, increasing poverty (which tends to impact negatively on the environment), the challenge of democratisation and good governance, and supra-national efforts to acquire a foothold on the ‘global resources’ found within Zimbabwe.

The book explores these challenges: Section 1 provides a detailed description of attempts at local participation in such resources as wildlife (large mammals), fisheries, water, minerals, forestry and land. Section 2 describes issues around the management of transboundary natural resources. Section 3 frames the local and regional experiences by describing the wider international issues within which common property resources are managed.

The book should interest students, practitioners, researchers and policy makers dealing with common property management.


  • Foreword (Yemi Katerere)
  • Introduction Management and use of common property resources in an era of globalisation (France Maphosa)
  • Chapter 1 Common property rights and the empowerment of communal farmers in Zimbabwe: institutional legal framework and policy challenges under globalisation (Medicine Masiiwa)
  • Chapter 2 Global rhetoric and local realities: the case of Zimbabwe’s water reform (Emmanuel Manzungu)
  • Chapter 3 Institutional configurations around forest reserves in Zimbabwe (Frank Matose)
  • Chapter 4 Small-scale mining and alluvial gold panning within the Zambezi Basin: an ecological time-bomb and a tinderbox for future conflict among riparian states (Dennis S. M. Shoko)
  • Chapter 5 How far the destination? Decentralisation and devolution in governance of the commons under CAMPFIRE (Patrick W. Mamimine)
  • Chapter 6 In search of a better CAMPFIRE: The case of the Manyuchi Dam fisheries project (Rudo A. Sanyanga)
  • Chapter 7 The role of physical planning in the management of transboundary natural resources in Southern Africa (Liliana Vassileva)
  • Chapter 8 The influence of Geographical Information Systems technology on the management of common property in Southern Africa (Ivan Farayi Muzondo)
  • Chapter 9 Prospects for transboundary natural resources management in the Southern African Development Community (Godfrey Chikowore)
  • Chapter 10 Global or local commons? Biodiversity, indigenous knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights (Morris Mudiwa)
  • Conclusion Whither common property management in Zimbabwe? (Godfrey Chikowore, Emmanuel Manzungu and Frances Maphosa)

Managing Common Property in an Age of Globalisation
edited by Godfrey Chikowore et al
Weaver Press
ISBN 1 77922 010 3

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  1. mirana says:

    can you please tell me how will i get this book “Managing Common Property in an Age of Globalisation”

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