£18,000 Writers Bursary

The Literature in Leicester Newsletter reports that Medical Case Notes Assessment (MCNA) has announced that it is awarding an £18,000 Writers Bursary to allow a promising writer to dedicate up to 12 months to writing a work of fiction.

MCNA is a company that specialises in providing medical negligence expert reports for the UK and Ireland.

The company is awarding an £18,000 writer’s bursary to an aspiring novelist, novice or experienced, who would like to dedicate up to 12 months to writing a work of fiction. Applicants are invited to write about any subject, so long as it substantially one of fiction and imagination, and, the writer retains full copyright ownership over their finished work.

The MCNA intends to award the Bursary on an annual basis.

Closing date for completed applications is November 30, 2006.

Comprehensive detail on the bursary, together with information on the judging panel is available on the MCNA website.

One Response to “£18,000 Writers Bursary”
  1. Ann says:

    We regret to announce that we cannot proceed any further with the MCNA Writer’s Bursary.

    Following increasing difficulty with administering the bursary, we carefully considered our options and sadly, reached the decision to bring the bursary to an end.

    For those candidates who have applied, we will be writing to you very shortly and returning your administration fee in full. We strongly advise you to email us if you have applied under a pen name.

    We would like to thank everyone who applied, expressed an interest or encouraged our initiative. We are very sorry we cannot proceed any further with the project and we wish all candidates the best of luck with their future creative-writing pursuits.

    If you have any urgent questions please contact the Bursary Administrator, Michelle Sheppard.

    Email: bursary@medicalcasenotes.co.uk

    Tel: 01843 232 859

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