Playwrights’ Studio

Theatre Writing Partnership has brought together the regional script reading scheme and the Regional Writers’ Group to create a new initiative called Playwrights’ Studio.

Writers who have taken a place on the group in the past include Julius Ayodeji, whose play Natural Breaks and Rhythms we toured in Spring 2006 and Leah Chillery, whose new play Earl of Mo’Bay is being produced as part of the Momentum Festival 2006.

Playwrights’ Studio is a yearlong development programme for up to five emerging writers who wish to pursue a career in theatre. During the year, the selected writers will be mentored by a playwright and dramaturgy, and will be supported in the writing of a play. They will also get to see plays around the region and meet some established theatre makers.

Group sessions are in the evening and take place monthly. There is also a monthly visit to the theatre. A venue for meetings will be confirmed in September, and in as far as possible, will take into account the location of the writers. As part of the scheme, writers will also receive a modest encouragement bursary.

Script reading
Because of the volume of work we have, we have decided to change the way in which we read scripts. As of this year, scripts will be read every September to coincide with the launch of the Playwrights’ Studio. As we have done in the past, we will provide each writer with some detailed feedback on their play, and we will enter them automatically into the Playwrights’ Studio competition. The deadline for script reading this year is September 1st.

Submit a script
If you want to be considered for this year’s Playwrights’ Studio (starting in October 2006), or if you would like some feedback on your play, please send us a script, along with a self-addressed envelope no later than 1st September 2006.

If you would like to be considered for the Playwrights’ Studio, but we have already read your play this year, you do not need to resend it.

Instead, please send us a covering letter. In some cases, we may ask you to resend the play.

Sarah Francoise
Theatre Writing Partnership
c/o Nottingham Playhouse
Wellington Circus
Nottingham NG1 5AF


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