Voices of farmworkers’ children

For many years, farmworkers in Zimbabwe have been a marginalized, neglected community. Little has been known of what they think about their lives and their place in society. This is even truer of their children.

Children in our Midst provides us with the voices of several hundred children, collected through essays and interviews in 1999 before the land reform programme. With the freshness, innocence and integrity unique to the young, they tell us directly about their own lives, offering opinions based on their own experiences. They talk about their families, homes, work and education, their cultural perceptions, and their hopes for the future. Despite the hardships these children face, what comes across is not the sound of special pleading, but a unified voice of resourcefulness, courage, and hope.

Children in our Midst
Voices of Farmworkers’ Children
Researched and compiled by Irene Staunton
Co-published by Save the Children (UK) and Weaver Press

ISBN: 0 7974 2032 0

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