ABC of all the questions we never dare to ask

In many countries in Africa the role of aunts and uncles has been displaced, traditional cultural practises have been eroded, and not a great deal has taken their place as a source of information about relationships, sex, gender, and the human body.

These are sensitive subjects in any culture, and adults, including teachers, are often shy of addressing them without special training. American movies are often the only popular reflection of Western culture and they place great, if superficial, emphasis on the cult of youth, money and sexual pleasure. Such perceptions do not often help young people to acquire a deeper understanding of principles, and morality, or offer a discussion of values by which to shape their lives. The gap in information leads to risky behaviour in these days of the HIV virus.

The ABC of all the question we never dare to ask will help to fill this gap. Designed around actual questions asked by young people in southern Africa, it is an up-to-date source of information on all the major issues that affect their lives. The book is, however, not only for the youth. Teachers and parents will find it valuable as the book not only answers very specific, often personal questions that trouble our young people, it also touches on cultural values and practices that underpin our societies — some of which need to be reinforced, and others more openly discussed.

Diagrams, cartoons, and the introduction of characters, who ask the questions, all help to make the information friendly and accessible. The information is broken into bite-sized, easily assimilated paragraphs. Cross referencing to other topics and an index will also help readers find answers to the many questions that so many young people have frozen inside them, and don’t know who to ask.

‘It is hoped that this directory will assist in achieving the objective of providing appropriate information for young people, especially those who do not have caregivers to guide them.’
Naira Khan, Child and Law Foundation, Harare

‘Education is the key to liberation, but fair moral values based on equality of human beings needs to be promoted by our societies. This book is a promising start.’
Dr Kgosi Letlape, MASA, Pretoria

ABC of all the questions we never dare to ask
Weaver Press

ISBN 1 77922 023 5


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