An interview with Man Booker Prize administrator

In an interview which appears on OhmyNews International, Man Booker Prize administrator Ion Trewin speaks about the prize, the books on the longlist and how the prize has managed to establish itself as one of the longest running literary awards in the world.

One Response to “An interview with Man Booker Prize administrator”
  1. Dr.Krantikumar sharma PhD says:

    Dear Administrator,
    The book white tiger hurt my feelings by impiously refeerring gods. To be precise “gods arses” have been appearing in pages of the book. Is it a literature that lifts the spirits? Refines culture? adds pleasure? The answer is no. The book triviliaises human person and slaps indignities. what does it mean by sentence “we will fuck your wife for you” The Man Booker Awrd Commitee has shocked my conscience and rocked my serenity. The award given to the book has deepened my wounds which were given to me by Adiga in the shape of insult to my god Hanuman. When whole word is in the grip of apitalism founded on the faith of employee on his employer, the book in vain attempts to make fun of unconditional dedication of employee. Moreover Hanuman is neither servant nor desciple of Lord Rama. Adiga must know that he is brother of Lord Rama. To understand the character of Hanuman one must be born in a hindu family where the story of Ramayana is recited every morning and Hanuman Chalisa couplets are chanted while bathing in waist deep waters of the river and picking flowers from the garden for the worship. Living without faith is like going in deep sea on a yatcht without a compass. Adiga is grabage producing man. His body emits more rubbish than other animals and his thoughts cascade more anguish than solace. By awarding prize to my tormentor what you have become ? certainly not my benefactor.—-Dr. Krantikumar Sharma

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