New Writing 14

Sophie Goodwin, Web Editor and Information Officer in the Literature Department of the British Council says this month’s New Writing 14 website is now live.

“This month’s New Writing focus theme is Visions; investigating the idea that we can find meaning through the foresight, dreams and revelations,” Goodwin says.

The website also includes notes for teachers, notes for readers, author interviews and glossaries which are updated on a monthly basis, and focuses on a wide selection of short stories, poems, novel extracts and essays.

Other highlights of New Writing 14 include an extract from Marina Warner’s book of non-fiction, Phantasmagoria: Spirit Visions, Metaphors and Media, in which she explores with wonder her fascination with myths, prophecies and spirituality.

Don Paterson’s versions of ‘Sonnets to Orpheus’ capture Rilke’s original poems with elegance, musicality and sensuality. Using the work of this unconventional German poet, Paterson explores his own beliefs around visions and imagery as it manifests itself in common day life, in the taste of fruit, the earth and plants.

Joan Michelson whose husband died in unexceptional circumstances, and whose writing is a homage to both the ordinariness and extraordinariness of death reveals the long-lasting effects of a grief that has been given form through her writing as memory, dreams and prophecy create haunting images in this powerful elegy.

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