Going Home – a Tree’s Story

Going Home – a Tree’s Story is a delightful story which tells the tale of a little acacia tree that has found itself in a cold blustery garden in Switzerland. Unable to bear the icy winter weather, he begs help from Monsieur Bise, a northern wind, who gruffly agrees to uproot him and carry him off on his long eventful journey back to southern Africa. Stranded in the desert, tossed at sea and nearly overcome by equatorial weather conditions, the little acacia is helped to safety by Tata Silverback. He is finally swept onwards by southern winds to arrive bedraggled but safe in the savannah plains where he belongs.

Blessing Musariri has provided us with a richly imaginative story that illustrates how courage and determination in the face of the unknown is the pursuit of dreams, in which we inspire others to positive action/co-operation.

At the Zimbabwe Book Publishers’ Literary Awards, Going Home – a Tree’s Story, won First Prize for the Best Children’s Book (9-13) category.


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