Khaled Hosseini: Novelist

Novelist Khaled Hosseini was born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1965.

He is the oldest of five children. and his mother was a teacher of Farsi and History at a large girls high school in Kabul.

In 1976, Khaled’s family was relocated to Paris, France, where his father was assigned a diplomatic post in the Afghan embassy. The assignment would return the Hosseini family in 1980, but by then Afghanistan had already witnessed a bloody communist coup and the Soviet invasion. Khaled’s family, instead, asked for and was granted political asylum in the U.S.

He moved to San Jose, CA, with his family in 1980. He attended Santa Clara University and graduated from UC San Diego School of Medicine. He has been in practice as an internist since 1996.

He is married, has two children (a boy and a girl, Haris and Farah).

The Kite Runner is his first novel.

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One Response to “Khaled Hosseini: Novelist”
  1. Frayba says:

    I’ve read your book ” The Kite Runner” . It’s the most interesting book I’ve ever read. and I really like it! keep up the good work Khaled Hosseini. It reminds me of my memories that i have in Afghanistan. And the way you used afghan words in the novel, fits in the novel. Amazing work!

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