Parallel Lines

In this biography Norah Spie reveals the dreams and aspirations of a young African girl, as she grows up, goes to school, looks for her first job, has her first romance.

Her frank style clearly reveals her character, which springs out from the page as you read.

Life for young Zimbabweans is changing, as they face political changes that are offering opportunities and providing new challenges. As Norah describes her life the reader comes to an understanding of the mind of a wider Africa, one that is seeking new horizons, Looking for more than is offered by traditional society. 

This account  provides an insight into the needs and aspirations of this young woman, who in turn is a mirror through which today’s Zimbabwean can be seen.

Norah is a qualified journalist/ broadcaster and works for a radio station in Birmingham, England. She has lived in Sweden, France and is now based in the U.K.

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