Aesthetica Magazine: Autumn/Winter 2006- 2007

Now at its 15th issue, Aesthetica, the only cultural arts magazine in the U.K. to cover new writing, art, music and film in a single issue has once again broadened its scope.

Incorporating a bold new design, exploring cutting-edge new fields of interest and featuring high profile practitioners from Benjamin Zephaniah to Juliette Lewis, Aesthetica is fulfilling the predictions made by Mslexia magazine; “Aesthetica is sleek, energetic, progressive and destined to be one of the leading publications for the cultural arts in 2006.”

Fulfilling its self-imposed remit to highlight the most innovative and exciting art throughout the U.K., the new issue features exhibitions and festivals which span the nation, from the controversial “Spank the Monkey” exhibition at the BALTIC Newcastle to London’s Inspired Arts Fair.

It also offers an increasingly diverse, international perspective with its in-depth coverage of developments in African cinema and focus on immigrant experience in the acclaimed poetry of Jean “Binta” Breeze and John Agard.

Challenging artistic as well as geographical boundaries, Issue 15 also features the U.K.’s most innovative alternative theatre companies and the forthcoming internet-based Noise festival.

These new features guarantee that Aesthetica offers an original and challenging perspective on the U.K. arts scene.

The magazine also builds on its regular coverage of the latest books, films and music, featuring artists of notoriety and world-renown, such as Juliette Lewis, Lambchop and Benjamin Zephaniah, as well as up coming pop darlings the Pipettes and other emergent acts. It also continues to publish new writing and feature reviews of the most exciting new independent film and music releases.

Given this expanded and ambitious scope, it is unsurprising that Aesthetica is growing rapidly in both audience and reputation.

However, despite developing substantially from it beginnings as a new writing publication, its philosophy remains constant; Managing editor, Cherie Federico, says, “Aesthetica fills a gap in the market that has been there for a long time. Not only does Aesthetica cover new arts but it also provides a chance for readers to get involved. Each issue gives readers a new outlook or perspective. Aesthetica supports innovation and new ideas.”

Issue 15 proves this is the case.

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