A Pocket reference guide to British defence

British Anti-Invasion Defences 1940-1945 is a unique pocket reference guide to some of the anti-invasion defences created by Britain during 1940-1945. It comprises 32 pages of fact and photo filled information.

It is an ideal introduction to some of the defence mechanisms created and used by the British during the Second World War whilst examining the issue in enough depth to keep the true enthusiast interested.

Focusing mainly on the pillbox form of defense, Austin J. Ruddy also provides information on some of the anti-tank and air field defences.

For those who develop an interest in the British anti invasion defences from this book, and I’m sure that there will be many, Ruddy details some of the background history to the creation of these defenses and useful hints for those wishing to learn more about this fascinating area of British history or conduct their own research.

I look forward to reading more work by Ruddy.

The Pocket Reference Guide
British Anti-Invasion Defences 1940-1945
by Austin J. Ruddy
ISBN 1-910113-20-4

— Reviewed by Kaye Axon.

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