Jean Ure: Children’s Author

My main concern as a writer is, without doubt, to entertain. I see no point in indulging and amusing myself if no children are going to read what I write. I do want to indulge and amuse myself, but I also want readers to identify with my books, to recognise the concerns of the characters as their concerns, to take heart, gain solace, to laugh, to cry and maybe, along the way, to learn a bit about life.

— Jean Ure, “Short, Sharp Sound-bites and Quick Fixes,” [Interview], Conversations with Writers.

Jean Ure is one of the most prolific children’s authors in the world. She wrote her first novel when she was six years old and spent her teenage years writing.

Dance for Two, was published when she was sixteen and she dropped out of school to continue with her writing.

She has worked as a cleaner, a waiter and a nurse. She has also worked at the BBC and as a translator for UNESCO in Paris.

Her books include A Proper Little Nooryeff, Sugar and Spice, Boys Beware and Over the Moon.

in an interview which appears in Conversations with Writers, Jean Ure spoke about her latest novel and concerns as a writer.

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