Katherine Roberts: Children’s Author

I suppose it is my “post 9/11 novel”, since I started it a few weeks after the twin towers came down in New York. If you think about what Alexander did back in 322BC, it mirrors almost exactly what Bush and Blair tried or are trying to do to Iraq and Iran after 9/11. The only difference being that Alexander led his men personally against the Persians (and he wasn’t after oil).

Katherine Roberts, on her latest children’s novel, I am the Great Horse, Conversations with Writers, December 11, 2006.

Katherine Roberts graduated with a First in Mathematics from Bath University and has worked with computers, racehorses, and in a pet shop.

Her short stories have appeared in magazines such as Take A Break and in anthologies of horror fiction. Several of them have won awards and prizes.

Two of her earliest fantasy stories, “A Gift from the Merlee” and “Death Singer,” eventually grew into her prize-winning first novel, Song Quest, which was published in 1999 and won the Branford Boase Award for an outstanding first novel for children.

Katherine Roberts’ novels include Spellfall (2000), Crystal Mask (2001), Dark Quetzal (2003), The Great Pyramid Robbery (2001), The Babylon Game (2002), The Amazon Temple Quest (2002), The Mausoleum Murder (2003), The Olympic Conspiracy (2004), and The Colossus Crisis (2005).

The Cleopatra Curse (2006) and I am the Great Horse (2006) are her most recent novels.

In an interview featured on Conversations with Writers, Katherine Roberts spoke about her concerns as a writer.


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