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My name is Shawn Street and I am a representative of the Public Relations Department of PublishAmerica in Frederick, Maryland. The purpose of this email is to respond to the interview with Linda L. Rucker entitled Writers, Readers and Self-Publishing. When questioned about her experiences with PublishAmerica, Ms. Rucker’s answers were not truthful and I would like to set the record straight.

Her first misstatement was that PublishAmerica offered no editing. Our Text Production Department edits books for grammar and spelling corrections. We do not change the content of the book. When the Text Production Department edited her book, Ms. Rucker had two opportunities to review the work and approve any changes that were made.

Her second untruth was that PublishAmerica does not market our books nor assist authors in doing so. PublishAmerica sends out press releases announcing a book’s release, as well as announcement letters to the author’s family and friends. We also send review copies to legitimate reviewers daily. Further marketing is a joint operation between the publisher and the author.

Paragraph 17 of the PublishAmerica contract states, “Sales promotion, advertising and publicity shall be at the Publisher’s election and discretion as to the extent, scope and character thereof and in all matters pertaining thereto. The Author agrees to actively participate in promoting the sales of the said literary work in his home town area and elsewhere, by making himself available to media interviews, book readings and/or signings, and other public sales promotion appearances.”

We also make our books available to bookstores across North America through the wholesalers Ingram, Brodart, and Baker & Taylor. Orders may also be placed through PublishAmerica. We offer excellent discounts based on the number of copies ordered by bookstores. Retailers constantly take advantage of these rates, as we place numerous orders each and every day with bookstores, including retail giants such as Borders, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, etc. In addition to brick and mortar stores, PublishAmerica books are also made available through,, and

The interview with Ms. Rucker linked with Wikipedia’s article about PublishAmerica, presumably to give credit to her baseless attacks against us. This move is unfortunate as Wikipedia’s article is full of errors and outright lies. Wikipedia, as you may know, has come under considerable fire, not only from PublishAmerica, but from numerous companies and individuals for entries containing false and libelous information, so much so that one of the founders of Wikipedia is starting a rival, legitimate online encyclopedia.

Ms. Rucker’s complaints against PublishAmerica are extremely rare, as we are the home of 20,000 authors, many of whom have multiple books with us. Our authors are invited to take part in our author’s forum and thousands have elected to do so. A sample of their observations gives you the real story:

Thank you very much for your time.

Shawn Street
Public Relations

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62 Responses to “PublishAmerica responds”
  1. Lynn Morrison says:

    I went with Publish America after a friend recommended them, his work was fine. Mine left with me with a few grammatical errors and mistakes in, I too assumed that all would be sorted in the proofing, but when came back as a pdf, it had so many mistakes and errors in it, that both my daughter an I thought it was a joke.
    When I dared to complain, I was cut off from their notice right away and when I eventually got my reply from them, I was told, that it was my manuscript that was sub-standard and they were not responsible.

  2. Darren says:

    Perhaps, yes the authors of Publish America, have been misguided from the litterary postings on how PA deems in little or no validity, on the legitimate purposes in which can, possibly, point only to the sincere attempts of the publishing company, to draw in what could be the next best selling book. All good things have been doubted, in the beginning, before a true concept could ever be tested and perservere in the amount of becomming a successful organization in the chess matches of monster companies that require a doctors degree or star staus, the small pecentage of which litteratly sell, just by having a certain attained paper or bank account, and social inclinment. So, is it true to say that one is better than the other or is it really just a shot in the dark that people are going for? Is the work done by the people who wish to be published authors, really original and creative in a personal display of talent? Perhaps, yes it is true that to be valid is to be honest and as all things that come to be known, the people in focus and invovled are the real test of what is a revealment, towards a growing and evolving audience, that is in effect the only real judge of merit.

  3. I am very pleased with the work done by PublishAmerica. I love the cover and the fact that they allowed me to say what I wanted to say. I am pleased that my book can be found online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc ,We live in a changing world and I am glad PublishAmerica is the leader not the tail in a rapidly evolving industry
    Authors clubs are a bit stuffy and if they cannot allow an author in based upon what they wrote and not who published it, then who would care to belong to such a group? I am very pleased with my decision to have PublishAmerica do my book and I am very sick of the naysayers. If there are mistakes in their books, maybe they should have written a bit better.

  4. Ed Williams says:

    The fact that PublishAmerica continually has to defend its business practices should tell one all they need to know. Just do a Google search on them and see what you find. They are the biggest joke in the literary business, I’m a professional author and have been to some large book publishing conferences/trade shows. PublishAmerica is mocked by the professionals who attend them, it is basically a university for wanna-bes and those ignorant of how book publishing actually works.

  5. Tom says:

    Interesting responses. But I have a question. With so many Literary Agents and publishing houses that make it a policy to not deal with any first time or unpublished authors, where does one go to get the opportunity to be published? That seems to be the big beef with Publish America. They are at least offering the opportunity to unknown authors whereas the mainstream literary agents seem to think that only bestselling authors should be published.

    Can someone name a Literary Agent who will actually give a first time author a chance and request the full manuscript for consideration rather than responding with an amateurish form letter rejection after reading only the query or a few chapters? I’d like to know that agent’s name so I can submit my work to him/her.

    • Sam says:

      Almost all of them.

      That ‘no first time authors’ is a fallacy that vanity houses like to spread around to gain greater access to your wallet.

      The only catch is, you have to write a good book. No agent or publisher ‘owes’ you anything for having written your book.

      They’re looking for product to sell, not selling you your fantasies.

  6. Patrick Notestine says:

    I have had a book published by publish america. I think the authors complaining about spelling mistakes is in your hands. My book like any other had spelling mistakes, I was given every chance for either publish america or myself to fix anything I did not feel was right. The end result was very good. It was myself and not publish america who insured that my book was everthing I wanted it to be. Get real you wrote it not them. I think Publish America is a new company. It will improve as it grows. As for those Authors who are so full of themselves because they happen to have a different publisher. Judge the work not the publisher. Ed Williams claims to be a “professional Author” How many books have you sold. Mine is doing very well thank you. Not bad for a “wanna-be”. I worked four long years on my book. I found your reply extremly insulting to anyone who has taken the time and devotion it takes to write a book. Could Publish America improve. YES. Is it getting better YES. There are many enjoyable well written books put out by publish america. ED come down off your high horse and join the real world.

    Patrick Notestine
    Author- Paramedic to the Prince

  7. Patrick Notestine says:

    Just one more word to a “REAL” author and writer. I looked up your book Ed, on Amazon it was ranked # 1,567,234. Wow not what I would call a best seller that’s for sure. Mine although not a best seller by any means was #74,682. Alot better than one millon five hundred thousand. What is it they say. “Those in glass houses”
    Thank You
    Patrick Notestine
    Author- Paramedic to the Prince

  8. Hello. My heart goes out to those who have had a not-so-good experience with Publish America.

    However I would like to say that Our Experience with PA has been Exceptionally WONDERFUL. Its true we were given plenty of time to check for errors and our book was checked many times over. by both parties. We have written a Self-Help Inspirational book called . “Don’t Just Talk About It…Be About It:making positive changes in your life.” The book is about 104 pages long and we found 5 typos, which is Ok with us because we just finnished reading Russell Simmons book called “Do You” He is the Famous Music Mogul whos book was presented on Oprah. And in that book we found 9 typos. Which goes to show this can happen to anyone..Even Stephen King’s book “Bag of Bones” I found about 10 typos..I purposely looked for them to prove my point. It happens to the best of us.

    Publish America is getting better and better Every day..Please cut them some slack. When we here decided to go with PA we did not have any unrealistic expectations..We were just happy to get our book put together for free.

    Let us all appreciate our blessings and be grateful for being Published Authors. The book is doing absolutely great!!
    Darien K. Marshall CTM
    Darius L. Jones CTM Authors of “Don’t Just Talk About It…Be About It:making positive changes in your life.

  9. Just in case someone tries to go there and be vicious our book at the moment on Amazon is in the one millions…but the rankings change every hour about a month ago we were in the six figures and a month before that five figures either way for just word of mouth its doing for me quite well. When we start our national advertisement for our book…the sales will surely go up…God Bless Everyone ….Don’t Just Talk About It…Be about It:making positive changes in your life

    Darien K. Marshall CTM
    Darius L. Jones CTM

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  11. Mary Mongiovi says:

    Publish America skirts on the fringes of publishing legality. After several years of watching my book slowly suffocate under the quicksand of PA’s “promotion”, I tried to get out of my contract with them, only to be practically belittled by their caustic response. The only people they contact about your published book are the people you provide them with. That goes for newspapers as well as friends. As far as being available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or any other bookstore, this extends only to the actual ordering of the book. You will not see it on the shelves, and since this type of representation for a book is responsible for around 80% of a book’s sale, you don’t have to be a math wiz to calculate that you are already at a disadvantage when a person has to know about your book before purchasing it.

    PA likes to tell half-truths, but is like a spin on the roulette wheel. If you bet on all the numbers, you are bound to win. With so many authors under contract, PA is bound to hit on a few that will go somewhere even without PA promotion. Of course unknown authors are expected to play a vital role in their book promotion, and I was totally prepared and ready to be available for any book signings or other promotional activities. What I didn’t expect, was to be the sole initiator of my book’s promotion.

    As far as editing goes, they hide behind the “we leave your book as you intended” principle. My computer’s spell check does better! Why should I have to re-read what they send back (after supposed editing), only to have to fix more errors in grammar and spelling? Obviously, if I missed it the first time, I will the second time around.

    Pricing is a rip-off, too. I would never pay as much as they charge for my book even if I had the advantage of perusing it on a bookshelf (which of course isn’t there).

    And since when does a writer have to pay for their own copyright? You would think that a publisher would want to make sure that their “property” is protected under copyright before releasing it, but PA never checks back to ascertain that the author has indeed copyrighted it.

    Of course, they will tout your book’s success with signings and interviews, but this is something the writer must achieve on their own. PA is never responsible for setting any of this up for the author. I have gone several quarters now without so much as a single sale because I have neither the financial resources, or PR savy to set up promotional activities.

    If you just want a pretty little book cover, and the feel of claiming you are published, then PA is the outfit for you. But if you are looking for a serious publishing company that treats its authors with respect even after the ink on the contract is signed while expecting to gain respect from other writers and publishing companies, then avoid PA! PA’s people will spout their “sour grapes” diatribe over and over to cover their own misconduct. Too bad they don’t realize, or seem to care, that if they put as much effort into promoting a writer’s book as they do with rebuttals of pissed off clients, they wouldn’t have to worry about defending their reputation in the first place!

  12. This was part of my response to another writer who wrote to me criticizing my “Why Publish America?” essay on my web site…

    I like your origami idea for your rejection slips! I hope that some day you’ll be able to get the flock out of there!

    Being a poet, I honestly don’t expect big numbers in my sales, no matter who publishes me and I have had no problems with quality or cover art. Perhaps you saw my covers while you were at my site – if so, you can probably understand why I have not been disappointed.

    Of course, I can’t say that my experience with PA has been typical, either – I’m only one author out of something over 20,000? That’s about six times what it was when they first took Poison Pearls under contract. Family and friends never really entered into the equation, since I don’t have much of either. Basically, I’ve gotten what I expected and they’ve upheld their end of our contracts. Perhaps I’ll go with another publisher when I’m ready to do another book, but that will have to do with whether I have an agent at the time and what they can do for me.

    My personal experience as a proofreader (Pre spell-check!) for the Palm Beach Post has stood me in good stead along with writing, art and editorial positions in my college papers at PBCC and FAU. After that I edited a number of newsletters and was a contributing editor for the Canary and Finch Journal out of Puyallup, Washington. I was also the bindery foreman for Social Issues Resources Series (A publisher in Boca Raton, Florida) for eight years.

    The abilities (or not!) of PA’s editorial staff never became a factor, because these manuscripts had to meet my standards before they even got to look at them. I do think that I have one typo that slipped through in my first book.

    Have you visited my site? Courtesy of the Internet, my work has been read in over a hundred countries and I’m happy that any of those readers can obtain hard copies of my books if they want to.

    Good luck with your book!


    And, yes, I’m hanging onto my day job

  13. Too Bad!

    I left a notice on the PA bulletin board telling their authors about Mr. Street’s response and letting them know that the letter had been posted here.
    I told them that the letter itself was some months old, but that there was some ongoing commentary, including my own, and that, if any of them cared to weigh in with their own opinions, I had provided a link to this site.

    That was last night – this morning my posting had been deleted without explanation.


  14. The idea behind the Leicester Review of Books is to promote writers and publishers, especially self-published authors and small press publishers.

    We are aware that there is a lot of controversy around Publish America and the way it operates: A lot of writers have complained, here and elsewhere, about the way Publish America treats the writers it publishes and about the way it conducts business. Late last year, we also emailed Shawn Street with the intention of hearing P.A.’s views on the complaints that the writers have raised. Initially, Mr(?) Street agreed to the interview and we sent the first set of questions. However, Mr Street did not respond to these nor to the follow-up email.

    That said, the Leicester Review of Books will not take sides. We are keen to hear from everyone who is involved with Publish America and we will give each one of them the space and the floor that they need to share their views and experiences of publishing with P.A.

    So, if yours is a success story, or if you are the publisher or work with or for PA, do get in touch. We are as keen as ever to hear from you.

    The same is also true, if you have had a bad experience with PA. Do get in touch and tell us all about it.

  15. I’ve met Willem Meiner and Larry Clopper (PA’s founders) and I can attest to the fact that no horns or tails were in evidence.

    I give them credit for creating a successful business and I consider that as their first priority, since a failed business does nobody any good.

    I’ve bought and resold a couple of hundred of my own books besides what has sold over the internet with no complaints over the price or quality. I generally let folks know up front that I’m comfortable with anything within 20% of suggested retail and let them pay me what they’re comfortable with. More often than not, they will give me the full price and sometimes a little extra…
    (I give Great autographs!) ;)

    I sold about forty books over a weekend last year and one Italian gentleman was running low on US dollars and asked me if I’d accept Euros on a one for one exchange on two of my books – no problem!

    One thing that is generally better than it has to be is their cover art and if you’ve seen my book covers, you can probably appreciate that.

    Of course, the crux of the matter is what goes into the book and that is going to vary drastically from one author to another. A lot of people just don’t appreciate the fact that it really can take forty years to become an overnight success! That the professionals in this business really aren’t going to accomodate someone who doesn’t want to put forth the effort that it takes to create a quality product. Unfortunately, I think that some of the people who complain most are the ones who failed to oversee the quality of their own books. (Or lacked the ability…) I’ll hardly even mention the possibility of unrealistic expectations…

    Since my third book was published, most of my efforts have been going into my web presence with poems and excerpts from my books that can be seen on both my web sites as well as They’re not necessarily buying my books, of course, but I am getting something on the order of a hundred new readers every day!

    One reason for that is another aspect to the quality of my writing… in the web sites that I’ve created! Try searching for “Rape for Hire” (one of my poem titles…), without the quotation marks on either MSN or Google and you will find that it is not only on the first page out of hundreds of thousands or millions of possibilities – It’s Number One! I’ve gotten similar results with other poem/page titles, so it’s no fluke!

    It’s all baby steps, one after another, but I have made progress and feel that I am enjoying some small measure of success. Hopefully, I will continue to do so.

    Karl Stuart Kline

  16. I’m don’t know much about Publishe America, but I will say this in being a Self-published author.. Don’t place your hard work in the hands of others. Do all the work yourself. I’m not really don’t understand why they treat us self-published authors so harsh in the first place. I believe and I know that anyone that took the time to write, help edit, and compose his or her own work is dynamite. We shouldn’t be called self-published, but instead independent writers.

    The media never turns it’s back on the independent film artists. So we need to make a stand and become more demanding to those who call them selves self pulishing companies. “We” as independent writers are just as or more so important than those writers picked up by chance through by literary agents and publishing companies.

    Let me reiterate. “Check your work for errors. Don’t leave it up to the publishing company.”

    If Published America is not a good company, go to the others and talk them. There are several Self-publishing companies other than Published America that will give you a better deal, but with all companies you will have to do the work. We need to push our work as independent writers not the self published. I’m presently working on a project to promote the “independent writers”. Please be sure to periodically check my website for information that will help you become a better independent writer and how to choose the correct publishing company without the drama.

    I’m not selling you anything, I’m just speaking out as an independent artist and we should not point the blame on Publish America, but look at the fine print.

    Kudos to all that are independent writers because it is a hard lonely road. And whomever takes this road has what it takes to be a true writer.

  17. Melisa Hebert says:

    I have been recently published by Publish America, and I love the cover and I noticed some errors too, but I also have noticed errors in many of the “big known authors” books as well. But even though I was still satisfied. At least their contract stands true, and so what if you have to work as well to get your book out there. At least you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to do so. I went to several publishing companies to get my book out there one wanted 1800 dollars from me just to get it published. I am not rich, but I do have a job, and it would have taken years for my book to get out. So I went to another, and they wanted 2500 dollars. So I backed off quickly, and went to several more that wanted so much money. I am sorry but when you don’t get paid much money and you see a publishing company that is willing to get your book out there without having to pay so much money, you would be willing. If you really love the work on your book you would do anything to get it out there, including going to stores and presenting it to them, and not relying on the company. Sometimes you have to pull your weight too to get what you want. I had several people buy my book so far. On amazon only two are left in stock. I have people buying them from Barnes and Noble, and Borders. Only because I talk to customers that come to where I work at. I have flyers hanging up and am not afraid to stick my neck out and make my book noticed. So if you want to pay an arm and a leg to get the most awesome book you have ever written then so be it. But I would rather work to get my book out there instead of taking everything for granted. When you have nothing you have nothing to lose. You know I actually got to speak to a friend of a great author, and she is known around, and I asked her a question about paying to get your book published, and she relayed the question to this author and you know what she said? “You shouldn’t have to pay to get your book published. If they are a true publishing company they would want to publish your book no matter what.” And Publish America is the only one who would publish my book without me having to pay for it. So if you want to bash Publish America, then you are bashing most american writer’s dreams. Read the contract fully, and fully understand it before you go blaming. I understood it fully, made flyers, and went into stores and made phone calls. And you know what else? I have a sequal to my story. I also have two reviews on my books so far. I am so not going to complain about that. I read them, and those people loved it.

  18. Mary says:

    Where do you go to see how well a book is doing? I have tried looking up different sites but no luck. As far as any publishing company it is like a song on the radio, if you do not like it then turn the station but do not take the song off the air because someone else might like the jam. If you get your paper handed back to you to correct mistakes and you are to lazy to do so then whos fault is that, not the one that handed you back the paper. Any way I was looking for a book and wanted to see how well it was selling but I got caught up in all of this reading.

  19. Re: Mary’s question

    That’s a tough question here because this site deals mostly with small publishers and short runs. Many of the books that are sold are sold through the efforts of the authors themselves through signings and personal appearances, but those sales are not necessarily reflected in any statistics anywhere.
    The occasional statistics on B&N, Amazon or Borders only reflect recent activity (“how well have you done for us lately?”), showing nothing of any activity through other sites and so are not a true indicator of actual sales.
    My own publisher does not require any purchase by the authors of the books that they publish, but it makes sense to always keep some copies on hand for those people who might request them autographed.
    There’s an additional benefit in that books actually sold by the authors themselves bypass the middleman and they can actually make several dollars per copy instead of the 8 to 12 % of the wholesale price that they might get otherwise.

    Karl Stuart Kline

  20. Mary says:

    Thank you Karl, I bought a book called The Philosophy of a Thought and thought it was wonderful, it talks about everything and does not hold back. I found it on
    Mary Brown

  21. Sarah says:

    I am so glad that I found this site. After sending off a query letter two days ago, I received an acceptance today. I was thrilled. When I had calmed down from my excitement, I realized that it was a form letter.

    Either they had not read the query, or they had read it and they did not care to write out a custom reply to something which could so valuable. Most publishers consider each book which gets to this stage very profitable. The warning signs were everywhere, so I decided to research. From “The Washington Post”, “Writers Beware” and “Wikipedia” complaints seemed to be everywhere. I considered date importance and the reliability of sources. Overall I am so glad that the internet exists. Thank you for this article, and may God bless you.


  22. Lyn Petit` says:

    I just wanted to say from my heart thank you so much for enjoying the book “The Philosophy of a Thought” my hope is that it helps anyone find their legs and stand tall on them. You made my day when I came across this site and found that, thank you. If it helps you in anyway please help me to tell others because in this day and age I think we all need to feel stronger in our faith, in ourselves and in each other.
    Lyn Petit`
    Author of
    The Philosophy of a Thought

  23. JEFFREY MILLER says:

    I was wondering if you would help me with the information for how to search for the amount of books sold on Amazon, or Barnes&Noble, and Borders?
    Thank you,
    Jeffrey Miller

  24. Robert Schermer says:

    My book, also published through PA, is due out this month.
    I did not research the company, but took it for face value. It is my sincere hope that my book, and those of the other writers and novices like myself, does well.
    Thanks for the postings. Some were frustrating to read, while others left me cautiously optimistic.
    Thank You,
    R.H Schermer
    Author of
    Incessant Winds

  25. Scott G says:

    Walt whitman published leavesgrass himself and then peddled it door-to-door. Goethe and Andre Gide also published their first books themselves. I’m sure they would have aprrecaited a place like Publish Amnerica.


    • JaneyD says:

      Yeah, they ALWAYS trot out those successful self-pubbed writers from over a century ago.

      Bet your house that those writers would have been thrilled to have a publisher pay them for their words the way we have it now.

      Self-pubbing used to be the norm, No longer.

      PA is what’s called a “reverse vanity” print mill. ALL the expenses are on the back end and you find out only AFTER you sign the contract. (Unless you’re smart and heed the warnings of others.)

      That’s when you learn bit by bit that your book won’t be in ANY store unless you personally go in and beg the manager for shelf space.

      That’s when you find the only person they market your book to is YOU.

      You want the stories, just google Publish America + scam.

      It’s not failed writers complaining about rejection–published pros in the industry are warning neos against going anywhere near their tar pit.

      If PA was a car dealership or a restaurant you’d listen to warnings about scams or food poisoning, but there’s always a few who will think “But MY book is special! MY book will beat the odds!”

      Maybe it is, but taking it to PA is like throwing it into a black hole.

      You want a publisher or agent? Go to a bookstore and look for books like yours. Check the publisher websites for submission guidelines. Ask the writers who their agents are. Most are glad to help a newbie.

      But the biggest tip off that PA is a rip off is the fact they have a TESTIMONIALS page.

      No legit publisher has that.

      But EVERY vanity site does.

      Board the clue train and get out of Fredrick Maryland–stat!

  26. Stephen says:

    It’s funny how all you [people] who claim to be satisfied authors with PublishAmerica assert that a writer should not trust their own publishing company to proofread and fix errors, yet your own posts here are riddled with errors, not to mention fragments, run-ons, comma splices, and so and so forth.

    Yeah, your book is definitely one I’m going to buy…

  27. Mike says:

    There is a lot of negativaty out there. All these people who are being negative and putting people down for just wanting to get a book “PRINTED”. YES, I SAID PRINTED NOT PUBLISHED. they dont care if its Barnes & Noble or on the factories list for POD. They would just like their scrappy old pages to be put together onto some decent paper with a cover and their name for a sense of accomplishment and self being(oh and someone is willing to do it for free, PA thats is). I see allot of other authors putting down others who have elected to sign with Publish America. all they do is throw names, say they are making mistakes and not a real author. Why dont one of you be constructive and give us the names of your publisher or others if they are so much better. The best way to convince someone that PA is wrong is to give us first timers some names and contacts so we may see for ourselves these amazing publishers you have not mentioned once. Maybe you dont have one? Maybe PA rejected your manuscript or possibly you are not near as good as you talk and are afraid of the competition? Go ahead look through this for mistakes and tear it apart. Fact is im not writing for review by you PA or any other publisher. I just want to say we are all in the same business and should be helping someone if they are truly making a mistake and not just throwing stones. If your kids dont get their homework correct you dont call them an idiot and move on. You show them the right way and help out. I am in the midst of waiting for my first contract to arrive in the mail for a Poetry Book I have written. I will sign it when it arrives unless someone decides to give me credible advice and another option that will perform this at no cost. Now that I mentioned I am going to sign with PA, I will say your welcome to the people who needed to hear that so they have something negative to write about. ENJOY CHEERS

  28. Lyn Petit` says:

    I wrote the book called The Philosophy of a Thought and the publisher is Publish America. They have been more the helpful in every way that I asked them to be and in some ways that I did not know I needed. When they sent me back my manuscript for me to correct, I had no problem with it because how are they to know what I was going for or trying to say. When I saw the cover I liked it, however when they sent me the authors copies it looked better then what was on the web site. I have one of them and my Mum has the other and even she loves it.
    If you are new to writing try Publish America, after all it will not cost you anything. As far as everybody dogging a new company for trying to give anybody a chance to get their story out, why. If something goes wrong, the easiest thing in the world to do is blame everybody first, the smartest thing in the world to do is see how you can improve on it.
    Did I correct my book all by myself, no, I had help from Gail Van De Mark who wrote A Warrior’s Journey. She said that reading my book and helping me to correct my spelling errors inspired her to write hers. (No, I did not help her to correct her spelling mistakes but I did listen to her as she read it and gave my thoughts on it.) See,her helping me helped her out too!! If you do not ask for help then how is anyone to know that you need it. Both The Philosophy of a Thought and A Warrior’s Journey are published through Publish America and they look great and both of us are getting positive feed back from the ones reading them.
    You never know until you try and even if your first try failed, try again, the only way you will ever loose is if you stop putting yourself out there.
    New authors, good luck to you and to your book.
    Lyn Petit`

  29. Lyn Petit` says:

    Oh, if anyone would like to look at our web sites they are for
    A Warrior’s Journey by Gail Van De Mark
    and Email address is
    for The Philosophy of a Thought
    Again good luck to all the new writers and do not let or allow anyone to get you down.
    Lyn Petit`

  30. Alpha 2 says:

    One hears pros and cons about everything, including publishing houses. Publish America is the only one, after trying quite a number, who is willing to give my book a chance. Their contract is in the mail and I fully intend to sign it. I think some authors are upset at a lack of sales because they think their books are awesome when in fact they are probably mediocre, at best. A good book will find it’s legs, no matter how it is produced. Publish America is trying to make the publishing process easier for new writers in a 21st century manner by publishing on demand. Given the incredible costs of printing and binding books, they go out on a limb to produce one’s books. It is all a hit or miss business, really. The only way to see results is to give it all an honest effort and not be lazy about it.
    I have high hopes for, A Pirate’s Tale and expect it to come out perfect, as I intended. Having produced 8 drafts of it, I think very little else needs to be done except a couple of more proof readings. I expect to do that myself, and not leave it for someone else. After all, it is my book, PA is simply making it a reality by printing and binding it with an ISBN number, which legitimizes the work and makes selling it internationally a real possibility.

  31. Raxon says:

    I just want to say that I been published by PA and have been reading comments made by disgruntled authors; I must that say that some of the allegations are true in regards to editing but if PA does give you the opportunity to correct them and have it re edited; also my book Confessions of the Soul is available throughout major bookstores via internet and shelves; so i would appreciate people keeping their negative comments to themselves; PA gives new author an opportunity to have their work seen so now its up to us to help in making our work and even a greater success by thanking PA for publishing and getting tools together to help promote and make it a success.

    In this world there will be negative and positive to thrive on the negative will never bring you success focus on the opportunity you have of being published and run with it, and remember life is what you make it; PA started it now its up to you to finish it.

    Raxon Phoenix
    Confessions of the Soul

  32. Lou says:

    My manuscript was excepted by PA, and other scam filled ‘agents’ and publishers…lol. I then sent them a ‘query’. Told them the manuscript was 45000000 pages long, and it was about a blue frog wishing he was a slobbering rabid dog. I said it was a nonfiction love story and a ‘killer mystery novel’, also a childrens book. I got an email a couple days later…they wanted my ‘book’. Give me a break, get real…think. If they are going to except this…you are all in a real sorry state. If you can write, then you can research research research. Ever hear of Writer’s Market? Get off the internet and pick up a very reputable book.
    Hey, wait…I’ll publish everyone on my printer/scanner/fax/copier and we’ll all be…poor. I can do the cover too…I have crayons! Ban together for the love of godiva chocolates.

  33. tominoman says:

    Publish America prints your book for about $2.50 and sell it back to you at $10.00.

    THAT IS HOW THEY MAKE THEIR MONEY.. Plain and simple. They do little or no editing, zero marketing.

    They say they are a traditonal pulisher.. LIES LIES and more lies. Wake up people to the fraud that is publish america.

    To you few who think PA is great because they printed your book so you could hold it in your hand. You could of done that yourself for alot less effort. Then every book you sell would go into your pocet not PA.

    Also the Royalty payment is a scam. They say they pay 8% of sales price.

    What they pay you is 8% of their net profit after printing and discount which brings your % to about 4% of every book sold.

    These crooks need all to be in Jail. You along with them Mr. Street.

    Patrick Notestine
    Author “Paramedic to the Prince”

  34. Patrick Notestine has recently contacted me, asking me who my lawyer was, as I am looking to sue PublishAmerica for breech of contract and deceptive practices. His main contention was that his book was a high number on units sold at, and he believes that PublishAmerica has stolen revenue from him. It was something like that.
    There is no doubt, PublishAmerica has no editing for the literary author. A piece of literature takes a certain kind of editing that requires a longer process where the editor lives with the book in a way that PublishAmerica can’t with their editing programs and so forth.
    My book came back, each time in the process, with more errors than it went back with. My book finally came back with yet more errors. It was obvious to me that they were using a program since all the “but(s)” were with comma and in some instances, comma is not correct. The second edit came back with comma mistakes and all of the word “district” as “dstrit.” Why this happened, I dunno?
    The main thing that bothers me is that they profess to be a “traditional publisher,” that lured me in, and in the final analysis they are a traditional publisher like I am a fish.

  35. tominoman says:

    I want all you who sign with PA to get back to me in one year, when you realize that you have been scammed. Yes they will print your book. It is overpriced and no book store will carry it. The buisness model for PA is to sale books to it’s authors. That was addmited in court by PA managment. If you go with PA few will buy your book. No matter how hard you market. The high price and poor return policy and the fact that no book store will put it on their shelves, the deck is stacked against you. My boo was the number 2 seller on Amazon in the UK and number seven in the USA yet I only sold 147 books. That tells you they sell next to no books on-line. Now that is out of 24,000 titles availible.

    PA refused to let me out of my contract. Then without notice pulled my book from their site and stopped selling it. I called them and was told my contract was terminated. YEA I was so happy. I have my book back. I have not recieved the gage order yet in exchange for my release, but I was told it is in the mail.

    I just want to know is my book now so tainted by PA the no honest publisher will touch it now? You tell me. For all of you who think PA is a good choice. Get back to me in a year and tell me how many books you have sold.

  36. I’m floating around the Internet, looking at PublishAmerica’s references, disgruntled authors and the general gist of this company.
    They are Universally hated. There are a few authors that praise them, but the hatred is almost solid like lunchmeat. So far I have 12 pages of links to their detractors. I am not of the mind to find links to people who praise them. Why? Because look at all of the other publishers out there, do an Internet search and you will not find page after page of detractors. Basically, the more traditional the publisher, the less detractors. If anyone wants this list, please email me. It grows longer every day.
    Oh, I am a disgruntled PA author.

  37. raxon phoenix says:

    I must say that I have to take back what I said about PA. I think there are the worst I am thinking of suing them for breech of contract my book was re-edited 3 times and after going into print it was edited twice for errors and was printed with the same errors I corrected in the initials stage. Also where royalty is concerned my first check was $1:70 I contacted them and they say that it is what is. I know they are lying my book was sold out at target twice and the prices went up so I know the book is being sold. Could someone please contact me with a good lawyer that will represent me.

  38. Laura Elizabeth says:

    I am published through publish america, and there is truth to all of these perspectives. Yes, they will publish your book when no one else will, maybe that would look good on a resume. My book is therapeutic book for hospitalized children. The contract says that the book will be printed “appropriate for its audience”. It is not. The pictures were stapled down the middle, the paper is too cheap
    to last in the hands of a child, it is too small, and costs the consumer
    19.95. I can’t promote it, the cost of doing so would exceed the royalties of 1.00 per book! So I would have been better off self-publishing. I hope to get out of the contract and do it myself. I do believe my book should be in the hands of all children who go to the hospital.

  39. Electra Rain says:

    For all you authors that ditch PA, I got one thing to say “Do your homework,” In my 18 years of studying the craft of writing and the business side of it. I have learned that 8% up to 12% in royalties is the correct margin in book sales – unless you have an agent who shoots for more only to line their own pockets. Compared to another book publishing contract – PA’s book contract is right on the money- maybe you should of looked into it before you signed it. Any professional writer knowns to review and compare and research any contract before signing it, even a magazine publisher covers their own butts by drafting in their contracts a kill fee – $10.00- $50.00 to the author if they decide to terminate your contract for no particular reason. This is the low blows of writing. In any contract from any publishing company you have your good and bad, but most of all your responsibilities are outlined and agreed upon. Those who scream breech do so because they do not want the responsibilities they’ve been handed, but yet they want their name in print.

    Also $19.95 is not unreasonable for a book, I have come across books that cost more. And if you prefer to get technical, add up all the money you spend on how to write books, dictionaries, and reading books. Books on the craft of writing cost a lot more than $19.95 and you buy them just the same. Any devoted reader will pay the cost of a book no matter the price. So maybe you should be scanning your local bookstore more often before using that as an augment. If you took the time out to search Barns & Nobles, Amazon and Chapters you’ll find a wide selection of books published by PA and they are not going for $19.95, nor were they bought at that price – all bookstores buy their books in quantities at a discount.

    Did you really expect to make a million being a first time author and with such little effort? Cheap paper, and shabby book covers is just pettiness – you’re grasping at straws here. And as far as editing goes, it’s not the publishers responsibility to polish your work, it’s yours. No matter what publishing company you deal with, you will find the same thing. The publisher points out your mistakes and you fix them, and since no one is a complete expert in English a few typo’s is bound to surface. As long as the entire manuscript is not full of errors a reader will ignore the few that are there and continue to read. You’d think as a writer you’d know this already considering that reading is part of the job?

    The same with promotional sales – any writer that has done their homework knows that writing is not a 9-5 job it is a professional career – you are your own captain of your ship – so steer it. The publisher is only a ship mate, they assist you in where you want to take your ship and help you to keep it in shape. Any writer that wants to be known has to put the effort into making themselves known, if you’re a writer that expects the publishers to do it all for you than you are lazy and uneducated in the field of writing. Maybe writing isn’t for you, maybe it’s not your calling?

  40. Trixy says:

    In response to Electra i just wanted to say that its not that we are ditching publish America; I think its great that they are giving first time authors a chance at being published. The problem is they sell you a dream in the sense that they tell you your books will be available in stores knowing that they will never be on shelves without you personally devoting time and effort in doing it yourself,which is really not fair if you have to devote all this time an effort to do this you might as well do it yourself and reap the benefits; because PA is collecting undeserved money for work not done. As far as editing is concerned I am a victim of that; no one is perfect and I know that I sent my manuscript with little or no errors and ended with a lot more and that was not expected and it goes to show how thorough they are they corrected it three times and it still came out the same way.

    I must agree that we should have done some homework but I guess thats what happen when influenced by money grabbers/scammers, they go out of there way to sell you a good story…..

  41. S E Elkin says:

    S.E.Elkin “Cabrini’s Child”
    Thanking you.

  42. Liam Jackson says:

    RE: Previously unpublished writers having no chance with large publishing houses:


    RE: PA’s royalty scale is “right on the money…”

    True, but only in the proper context. Here’s a topic for you…research the number of PA authors who’ve received checks.

    RE: Agent negotiating a higher royalty rate “just to line his own pockets…”

    Duh! Same reason people sale bread, make cars, or wash windows… It’s called “business.”

    RE: $19.95 not too much for a mass market paperback?

    Maybe. Maybe not.

    If the book is a special niche piece, or if the author has no intention of volume commerical sales, perhaps $20.00 is fair market value. After all, as a commodity, a book is only worth what someone will pay for it. However, when the buying public is faced with a purchase decision, a $6.95 paperback is a tad more appealing than a comparable novel priced at $19.95.

    RE: Cahin bookstores purchase PA books in volume…

    Prove it.

  43. I have written an Author Alert on my home page which describes my relationship with PublishAmerica. It is terminated with “It is my opinion based on my experiences and with the experiences of several other PA authors with whom I have been in communication”. I believe my experience is well described.

    If you wish to link to my book’s web page from yours please do so. I hate seeing anyone succumb to this greedy group.

    Symm H. McCord
    Waynesville, NC

  44. Walter Moryan says:
    ATTENTION Rebecca, this is Walter Moryan returning your call. I am doing my best to get this all nice and neat in manuscript form. Xlibris is now throwing numbers at me, but honestly, I’m limited but I do actually have the scars and actual diary entries, and so much more. CHECK IT OUT :::::::::::::::::::::::: THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO Walter Moryan and my story the best he can remember in his noggin At sixteen when I dropped out of high school I started sanding and refinishing hard wood floors. I worked for several companies for several close friends. From there I had every job under the sun that u could possibly think of. I needed money immediately so I started waiting tables. From there whatever contractor needed a hand restoring houses I had a day o pay. I even had a job setting up for parties etc… Food, games, tents whatever was needed to have a party. I couldn’t picture doing that for the rest of my life so I pursued heating, air conditioning. That job was not for me either the boss was a complete psycho that discouraged me from moving forward. So, on the road again, I was trying to find my nook in life. I started installing tile flooring because I thought since I had experience that was my calling. Soon after installing tiles 12 hours a day 6 days a week it was back braking work I soon realized that this to was not my calling. Throughout these jobs I always felt deep down that I was here for something more. So I kept digging and digging for my nook in all these jobs. In a nut shell I could build a house from the ground up. I even can do the land scraping around the house I built. For fun I loved to spin old vinyl records. I eventually with a lot of practice built up my skills. I would DJ parties for friends and family I really enjoyed spinning records and wanted to further my education while working during the day and getting my GED at night school . With a lot of hard work I finished night school. I then decided to take it a step further decided to enroll at Brookdale Community College in communications to follow my dreams in the music industry… While in college I saw an opportunity to intern at Jam box studios in Manhattan. I worked in the mornings and went to school and managed to do my internship. At my Uncle Marks house in Pennsylvania I was spinning break beats with trance mixed with Classic Rock. The old school with new school beats. Everyone and their mother was up dancing their asses off. Smiles and Beats, my type of galaxy I want to Chill in 24/ 7. My Two cousins Stephanie and Stacie were going to North Carolina and asked if I wanted to go, move to North Carolina with them and Chicken Butt my nephew? Just start over in a new place? Yes, I shouted excitedly while throwing on Motown. A few hours later, suddenly I had packed my clothes and Dj Equipment into my sister’s hand me down Hyundai Accent. Trust me, it was just me. Only me. Trust me it was a long jammed, tough trip. They knew the area, knew the hotspots, and just knew where to go, who to chill with at what day and time. The only question was Do you want to be around Marines or not? I was a Civilian living surrounded by Marines. Needless to say, “God Bless the USA” I felt safe and both of my cousins dated Marines so, you can say that I have really chilled and I was blessed to be able to be in the company of Those Strong Souls. We lived a few minutes from Camp Lejune military base, and work for me was tough. I did whatever I could while living there, Luckily, I Was Blessed. Both Stephanie and Stacy took complete care of me. I was older, but my two female younger cousins took care of me on a daily basis. At then in my life, NOW, I was a Toll Collector for a short while until I realized that it was way too boring for me. All day, I did the same exact thing for over 8 hours a day. That same constant repetition was making me LOCO. So, I found the hot spot in town called Logins Steakhouse. You can drink a Roadhouse ice tea, watch your steak being cooked right in front of your face, eat peanuts and throw your shells on the ground. NO WORRIES, it was cool and you were expected. It was that kind of chill place. I was a bareback, host, server, dishwasher, pretty much, whatever I could do to get a days’ pay, and I was there with bells on. WELL, I don’t know about with bells on, but I was there early ready to put on my galoshes and walk through the S h h + be quite, that’s not nice First, I would get cool with the Boss. He was the guy paying me, so sure enough; I wanted to know him outside of work MENTALLY. I would make small talk, and to this day, I give you permission to call anyone of them and ask honestly, what type of person was Walter? I think maybe I would say maybe 80 % would speak well about our relationship. After a while, I got bored and had to leave. I had an invite to go to Florida and start work fixing Orange Juice Plants for The A Team for the coolest guy in the world B.C. My job as an apprentice was, I welded, fabricated, and grinded my butt off. It was cool and so very different, but I needed to be out and about actually having interaction with other humans that can actually speak back. NOT the metal that I made my friend while talking ISH and at the end I WON.I made it go away, and it was smooth to the touch. I always made work really same like a game I started, and at the end I imagined it as MY HOUSE. Would I BE ABLE TO LIVE with the job I just did seeing it every day in my own personal house? There were a few times when rushing, tired, or hung over that I had to go back and fix the shitty job I just did. After I was bored, I had to bounce to Pennsylvania and work with my Uncle Mark installing Natural Gas line under the ground we walk on working with Henkel’s & McCoy. I was there for TWO weeks bouncing from my house in Jackson to Martins Creek Pennsylvania to work. It was Thanksgiving 2004, AND I THOUGHT it would be O.K. to go home with my mother and sisters and have Thanksgiving Dinner. I was able to relax for a few days and I was Chilin expecting to have a pretty goodtime. Since I was a child and could remember I was always moving from city to city, home to home, with unknown surroundings as well as unknown individuals. Different states, different schools, every year I was the new kid in school. I was always getting in trouble in school (suspension, in school and out of school suspension, detention, among many other humorous problems daily). I was always feeling that I wasn’t excepted so I had to act out and be the center of attention. This happened in several schools in several states until my mother signed me out of high school at 16 in Old Bridge New Jersey. So, I worked fulltime because I thought I didn’t need school because it was dumb and I was smart. I have had every job under the sun from installing sanding hardwood floors for many friends of my now family, to SHOVELING SHIT, any job you can think of; I can just about tell you that I have done it. I would work 60 plus hours a week plus go to adult night school to get my high school diploma and I thought I was going about life the correct adult way. I called my sisters father dad until, at 18 I found out that he wasn’t my biological father. MY real father Walt stayed away because when he tried coming around his life was threatened with violence and he wasn’t able at all to see his son NO DISRESPECT—NOTHING would EVER keep me away from my child—NOTHING EVER IN THIS LIFETIME!. My mother didn’t tell me because she didn’t want to hurt my feelings. NOW, I AM considered somewhat of a man AT 18, the guy I have been calling dad for years wasn’t my father, I found out at 18 that I was being lied to and talk about being lost and confused. I bounced around AS an independent adult living with whoever wherever doing anything for work, and living with anyone that had room for me. I would do chores, pay rent and I thought I was doing good being a good boy who was turning himself into a man doing manly things. I THOUGHT. I did this from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, and then, I was back in Jersey chilling at my mothers’ living in Jackson, New Jersey. On November 27, 2004 after drinking with others someone had to go to the store. I said “lets walk, there are two stores right around the corner.” ROBERT BARRY said” I’m sober, I can drive.” I THOUGHT with me in the passenger seat with my seatbelt on, I THOUGHT I was safe.” I am not driving, my seatbelts on and ROBERT BARRY said he’s sober and o.k. to drive, so WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME? We wound up a mile and a half down the street in the opposite direction and I was a restrained passenger with a seatbelt versus poles. THE JAWS OF LIFE were needed to get only me out. What happened to the driver you ask? ROBERT BARRY walked away without a scratch or a seatbelt. After I was free, I slipped into a COMA for 8 days. When I awoke, I needed to have brain surgery and the list continues. After I was home, I had to go to the Emergency Room with breathing complications. They gave me a pump and told me I now have Asthma. THANK GOD I met Dr. Sean Houston who while sticking a wire with a camera on it up my nose almost passed out. I asked” what’s wrong?” He told me that I needed Emergency surgery because I had a broken closing esophagus. I asked “what do you mean?” He told me a normal esophagus is about the size of a banana, and I was breathing out of a broken, crushed drinking straw and within 2 days the latest I needed Emergency surgery. He told me the BEST otolaryngologist around were in the New York area or further north. Being a NEW YORK YANKEE fan, I chose the city area. While recovering from this, my nurse Tara broke it down to me. She asked what my favorite color was. I told her YANKEE BLUE. She went and got me a bible. AT first I was weary because I didn’t believe in GOD. You had to dress a certain way, wear certain clothes, give money, and I thought if you didn’t believe in GOD that you would be punished. I asked her if she could write on the inside because I wasn’t going to be able to remember what was going on and what she was saying. This is what she wrote in my bible 3/12/05 To Walter, God has awesome plans for you! Seek him with all your heart and you will be with you. He will prosper you and he will honor you. You may not understand all of this now, but God will do great things in your life. God Bless You Tara . . .again I asked if she could please write more, and on the next page she wrote Hi Walter it was great to be able to take care of you + be your nurse March 12, 2005 is the start of a new day for you. Keep the Lord close in your heart for you are close to his. Not everyone gets a second chance. Remember how you feel him in your heart *know he is with you now and every day. I will pray for you often. May God bless you + fill you with all the wonder he has for you and more. Love Blessings, Tara H… Now once I was blind, and now I can see. Jesus kept me here to speak to thee. Listen if you want my story its real, I got the shitty end of the deal. I realize how God has made all the things I thought were impossible all now be so very obtainable. Listen to how my life was and all the daily tests I had to pass to survive Nov 27th-dec 15 2004 Jersey Shore-Neptune New Jersey CCU Multiple Drs Initially Dec 15-Feb 9 2005 JFK Edison New Jersey Brain trauma unit brain surgery Thomas Jefferson Hospital Philadelphia Pennsylvania March 2006 neck surgery HealthSouth Rehab Jackson New Jersey physical, occupational, speech therapies Little by little we will make this work. MARCH 4 2005 Pain (very sharp when there) left clavicle and sharp pain in my head in my temple area real bad suddenly acne on my face. Constant pain in my neck and they say you are o.k. Pain now is in the top back of teeth both sides. Now the 6th and off to a good start even with a really rough feeling inside of my neck. I have been cleaning my T-tube often like the Drs. told me to keep it very clean. It’s weird to breath I have to unplug and to talk, I have to plug it up. My Drs. love the fact that I am proving the hospital and their books to be wrong with my amazing recovery. 15 minutes before my mother’s 2005. Happy to be back here @ Jefferson hospital in Philly. People are here for the reason and not the season. People actually give a shit here. NICE CHANGE. My life is in the DRS, hands on Tuesday. Whatever he thinks is good at that time is what I’m going to have to live with. GOD and angels please B on my side 4 recoveries and his side 4 operation. Crazy how every day varies like summer and winter. Light above my bed/ head won’t go out. For hours, I’ve asked everyone and pushed every button and nobody knows how, so you know what, Walters’ beat. They are going to have to call maintenance @ 20 to 12 so I can get rest if they will come I have no idea. Now my only option are to take a sleeping pill to get some rest. How else would I possible be able 2 sleeps with this bright light blaring in my face? So be it. IT is what it is. THANKFUL to be alive but after 7 months now on mother’s day I am wondering when life will go straight and normal again for me. It’s mother’s day and I can’t call out but my mother knows she’s in my thoughts. I love her to the max and the lady needs a good man and I hope a lot better health. I’m going to try to learn all about Fibromyalgia to see if I can think, create a help or a cure or something for the daily pain that is a non narcotic natural remedy. Maybe an herb or a vegetable that God put on this earth for our health. NIGHT OF MY SURGEORY very much in pain but for me, my maintenance and cleaning around my surgery since it is very important. These people at this hospital make the shittiest feeling, situation feel great. They’re all great inside and out. Well, nay all, but I would defiantly have to say the ones that are taken care of me at this time. Thank you to them, God and my angels of course. Walt and my grandfather told me “hold on Buddy, it’s not your time”, so I listened, and here I am. My thoughts are with you, grandpa, you have always been my rock, and you buddy are the man who developed me into the man I am today. SO, THANK YOU BUDDY. I am Lucky to be alive and lucky to be here. The DRS are all getting paid, but yet, I am richer than they are TRUTHFULLY Sex drugs and rock and roll is 2nd best in my life. The ability to be here is the cream of the crop. Could be Chilin and hanging with my family up above, but I’m fortunate enough to still be alive with my great family members down here. I have learned to live life as it’s thrown at you. Minute to minute, baby step by baby step, but, I am doing it by the grace of God, which is very fine and really great by me. NOW, I never get my hopes up because when you do, you will get disappointed. Just found out that George Washington was the 1st president to attend ceremony for troops who fought in war in the past Brook wrote me this poem because words prove that she loves me RIGHT? So she thinks To my brother, Hi! I wrote you a corny little poem just because I want to tell you how proud I am of you. You are so unbelievably strong & I am honored to be your sister. Just remember I am always here if you need anything Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you & how amazing you are- You are making it through this in a way most people could not & I am so very proud of you! I am not going to pretend that I know what you are going through because I don’t. But I do know it must be hard as hell & I want you to know I am here- But you are getting through this & I know happiness is just around the corner! I love you! XOXO Love Brooklyn Now a few days after and I have no idea and I really don’t care. I keep getting miss directed and lied to and I would love to know why everyone is involved but my love, Lauren (my Caucasian sister) Nancy and Brook keep telling me that I cannot check the mail because I am always losing it. HOW I TRY TO FIGURE? Mail for my mother, I put on her desk in her room and Laurens also goes to her or my mother. So I’m wondering are they implying that I lose my mail when that shit goes right in my files so I can remember and so I don’t lose anything. They keep insisting that I have ALL MY MAIL sent to my step father Dave’s’ house. I don’t ever want to be around that guy because he will always judge you while degrading you making you feel like a worthless piece of shit. Just like he has been treating me during my recovery. How and why can I trust him? Especially after he was too busy when I was homeless? Right now it’s 11:30 and music is getting me through these tough times again. F that. Though, I can and will make it happen. I BELIEVE this is all happening for a reason and I am going to understand why, all in Gods’ timing. Baby steps Walter, just crawl before you can walk Buddy. Note 2 self, my nasal drainage is constantly filled with flem & it’s always a cluster of garbage that hangs out in my nose and throat and I am scared that it doesn’t get stuck in my throat and totally close up my breathing passage. But yet, I’m strong enough to rid myself of these unfortunate circumstances from the horrible accident that I survived. How you ask? The power of prayer saved my soul. I am Blessed to be able and Alive to write about my6 abnormalities. THANKS TO OUR FATHER, CREATOR UP ABOVE. How I wondering am I considered being a lazy man? TO ME, it’s funny how the world says get off your ass lazy bitch and go out a get a job bagging groceries or pushing carts. If they only knew that I want to go to work so badly, inside my head nobody is winning at ping pong. I am using my hands to drink tap water from the faucet. My life isn’t that bad at all. Beginning of April and today is off to a good start. I just had the best banana split ever with my sister Lauren. At this point in my life, I wouldn’t want anything to be different. Walter and Cathy are great people. Cathy is now my nurse and Walter is a guy who delivered my machine with the Oxygen I need to inhale to stay Alive. Both of them are down to earth people and they both have made me feel so comfortable. The chances of all names, which his name was Walter and he was sent to save my life. To me that was a sign. Information is out there. Just open your eyes and have Faith. I wish them both the best of health and happiness in life. Both of them and their families only deserve the best in life. Everything outside seems to be flooded and there is more new rain to come, Today is a good day I have my family, Cathy and my life. I really can’t ask for anything more. Life itself is grand to me this time around. HEY, I AM ALIVE SO NO WORRIES WALTER. Brook is trying to find an apartment and even with my Traumatic Brain Injury I have been trying to figure out how it’s tough to get a place? I was doing it all alone since I was sixteen years old, well, before my accident. When she goes to see them, they are all look like shit. I hope she finds a nice one. She and Bobby only deserve the best. Even though her insurance company is playing innocent and dumb with my case, my goal is to get the Drs. the money owed for saving my life. How could anyone beat those great souls after they saved my dying ass from calling it quits? I wonder? I BELIEVE God, Angels, and Grandpa are on my side. Thank you. I now know that you are in my heart, body and soul. Now, this ability I have, truly, I really can’t ask for anything else. Happiness and love are what it all comes down to. I am fishing here and one day, I will get a bite with a keeper. I just got an amazing card and a Hugh Mr. Goodbar from Brooks’ close friend for years Casey. WOW. Now they threw poor Casey into the mix? I wonder why Brook would do that considering Casey is so sweet and so innocent. Today’s a great day for me. I relaxed with my family and with that said, I couldn’t ask for a better day, ever. Nice finish to a great day. I am all cleaned up, full and satisfied with my family, even though I believe things are happening behind my back that want to help Robert and hurt Walter. Still, I wonder why? Amy D , the girl I was with in Florida at the time of my accident said she was going to call me back in fifteen minutes, but that never happened. It’s all good and I’m not sweating the small shit. I am sure that something came up and somebody came up in her. Why did I even want to bother? This girl had two kids by two different dads that weren’t around and they both called me dad. I asked her to “Please let them know I am not their dad”. She said to me “Walter, I can’t! You treat them so good and they love you so much, it would hurt them.” I said to her “Amy, you are hurting them more by lying too them now because I Amy, I Know firsthand because for eighteen years I was calling some guy dad and there was no blood or any type of connection at all that makes him my dad, and Amy, I am scared badly.” A NEW DAY and I left a note for my mother Nancy and my sister Lauren to PLEASE clean your mess ladies because my social worker Adrianne’s coming to help me try to get out of neutral. Say a prayer for me, Por Favor Walter The day after I removed my own tracheotomy, dr. Spielberg said that everything’s looking great. Since ripping out my own tracheotomy personally, I now feel healthier and I am the happiest I have felt in a long time without that machine in my neck. It’s good to be out of the hospital and be home. Life is well worth living. I wish everyone the best of happiness and love to all. I hope for comfort for me and to the world. A few hours until my 28th birthday and this one all alone seems and shitty, but I have my family which is all I need. I have no girl, no job, or no money, but the fact that I am actually alive, is there really anything to bitch about? Thanks again to my Angels up above. 12:25 p.m. and it’s the night before my 2nd surgery. I am praying that all goes well. I am glad that God, Angels and my family were all with me these past seven months since it’s been a crazy, confusing life in and out of every hospital. PLEASE HELP ME to figure out what they are all up to behind my disabled ass I BEG OF YOU LORD Just got a birthday car from ROBERT BARRY JR, the driver He’s the third letter. I’m confused TO A SPECIAL Brother-In-Law ON YOUR BIRTHDAY DEAR WALTER, I Hope you have A great Birthday. This past few months have been crazy but I know that you are Strong enough to pull through everything Happy Birthday WALT. Love you From, BOBBY Printed on the card it reads: This special greeting is coming to let you know how much we enjoy having you in our lives. Our family is a lot more fun because you’re part of it, and out memories are a lot more precious because of all the happy times we’ve shared with you. You’re a very special Brother-In–Law, it’s no wonder we love you like we do. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sounds like they both wrote two cards to me from the base of one. WOW? 2nd week of May. And I am Thankful to be Alive. I am on my way to dr. and physical therapy. Hope all goes well and I hope my life and health are good from here on in. Grandpa is with me and it’s a great feeling to be home not still in the hospital. In a new remolded room. I have this crazy combustion in my throat, but it feels good. Mind over matter I believe everybody makes mistakes because the 1st hospital missed my broken closing esopogaus 4 times. NO HARM NO FOUL.2:26a.m. Early morning of the day I’m going back to see Dr. Spiegel and he’s going to check out my tracheotomy and see how long until my T-tube is ready to be removed from my throat. I feel so very comfortable with him as my surgeon and by me now going to live in Philly. A prayer in my head, and hopefully I’m (my neck) is healthy. Scars I can live with, hopefully all is well and on Friday dinner with my family. Brook was here and can’t ask for more in a night. Good dinner, good family, good dessert. Good to be alive. I AM SPOILED! While confused and searching Brook drops off this poem to me showing her deep love for me. This to her I take it is an answer to my one & only; I always knew I was lucky to have you as my brother & friend you were always true You & I have always been so close some would say were luckier than most Because we were able to find our best friends in each other exceeding the simple definition of sister & brother We would laugh, cry have the best of times We would run to be by each other’s side at the drop of a dime Now as time goes by I look at you in a different light You are outstanding; astonishing Simply just a remarkable sight You beat all the odds & managed to come out on top All those that doubted you now know you will not stop I WOULD HAVE BEEN HERE FOR YOU IF THINGS GOT WORSE But I know that I won’t have to because that is no longer your course Things can only get better from here on out And I can say this without an ounce of doubt Because you are a miracle A true angel from up above & I feel blessed& honored just to have some of your love I love you more than words can say Cause you’re my Ollie burger who amazes me every day So lets look to the future where happiness is all I see But I must be honest; life could not get any better because you are here with me- -I love you angel- Thursday June 9, 2005 I am listening to beats getting ready for my sister Laurens’ banquet for the amazing grades she has received. I told her “Lauren, you kick ass and job well done by my most beautiful sister of all five. And Lauren you only deserve the best. Strive for excellence. Growing up she had many names such as Lulu, Belle, Crazy, Trazy, Backsteet boys, Monster face. She is turning from a child into a beautiful, driving, goal oriented young woman. She is a family member, friend and just a great, chill person. She’s true and down to earth When I feel loved, a stork dropped off another letter and this one is from the woman I have been calling mother my love -hi WALTER- Saw you in the car w/ Millie. . .Welcome Home!! I had to work a bit late today (that’s why I wasn’t here @3:30) I had to go to Middlesex co- few things to do @ brooks for wedding, plus doo-doo(Lauren) is up there-have to pick her up. If you need to reach me either call Brooks or Laurens’ cell: if im not there yet, leave a message-I’ll call u back! Love u MOMMY P.S. PLEEEEAAASE do not shut Ans. Mach OFF THANK YOU (If someone is calling that you don’t want to talk to-just don’t ANSWER or lisssten to MESSAGE) Thanks AGAIN Sweetie. MISSED YOUR HANDSOME FACE I haven’t really talked to Brook since she married the driver Robert Barry and out of the blue she sent me a text that said this: Mommy is doing what shes always been doing; abusing pills and drinking she’s getting bad she doesn’t care what happens to her I haven’t talked to her in two months Idk bout Jesi but her and mom hang out together so I can only imagine. *She got fired from from her job at Laurens’ school lauren was so embarrassed she kept falling asleep because she was so fucked up on pills she w/ some guy she met at a campground ive never seen him Now 1:42 * hey I wanted to ask u something the attny in bobbys’ case wanted to know if you would write a letter stating that you are akay with bobby just getting probation. I would really appreciate it. If anything else happened to him I wouldn’e be able to live here with the baby because I’m not working and it’s not fair to the baby. But if you can just write a letter saying how you feel and mail it to me you can write whatever you want . . .Jul 20, 3:04 p.m. If you don’t want to that’s ok to I don’t want nothing to come in between me and you I just figured I would ask. . . 3:18p.m Trying to figure out what she is trying to gain by giving me bait so I came up with a menu and with all this craziness I came up with this: *Barbeque pudding chips *Pork liver filets *Gizzard Dumplings *Creamy Leach pancakes *Pig bladder soup *Crunchy rat tail nuggets *FROM UNDA grill cheese with tomato on rye And for dessert *Human urine smoothie with a side of StinkFinger 9/27/05 Four pounds 12 ounces today is a great day my sister Jesica just popped out another little miracle hopefully she can take care of this one with all the drugs in the newborns body. Talked to my friend Tanya in North Carolina and her newborn Gavin is doing fine, I’m so very capable of doing several things at one time Beats on of course, loading unloading the dishwasher. Physically I will be better over time, but mentally a heck of a lot stronger, I think… Now I’m more cautious, more aware focused on everything to the max. Since now I am injured, the chances of me getting hurt again are very good. My perception and my balance aren’t really very good. If I ever do get another injury(trust me I’m doing everything everyday to prevent that) I OULD NEVER imagine on getting hurt, YA RIGHT…ha ha ha The great man up above spared me and it wasn’t my time to be up above. Not yet. As Walt and my grandfather told me, (who were both dead at the time) with their thumbs up “hang on BUDDY, It’s not your time.” My mother said months, weeks, days. Hours, Whatever. My Mom said that when I awoke from my 8 day coma I was looking around through her very confused. She said Walt what is the matter? I said Mom where’s Walt and Grandpa? She said Walt I’m sorry sweetie they both passed away a few years ago. I said mom I was just talking to them they told me to hang on Buddy it’s not your time. Then I saw a look in her face. Now, she was tearing. My Angels, family came down to assure me that is was not my time. Before my accident I had no Faith, I believed there was a good, evil, GOD , devil up, down, left and right but I do believe the power of pray and love saved my life. I have never have gone to church every Sunday at 12 for service and now I realize laying down in bed talking to GOD in your head he can really hear You and answer prayers . Look at where I was and how GOD has answered my prayers. Regardless of what people say with GOD all things are possible. NOVEMBER 27, 2005 and this day will be forever in my mind like glue. Today is 1 year to the day that I lost a lot, But I also kept and gained a lot. IT’S CALLED LIFE! With that statement, I have NO worries. I see my mother stretching and leaning awkwardly and the phone rang. So she didn’t even have to think about getting it, I picked it up and slide it to her down the counter towards her. She looked at it, hung it up and yelled at me I am thinking “don’t do what?” Should I have been an asshole and handed her the phone and when she fell, it still would have been my fault. I now say ALL the time that I am not physic or psycho, but I really do see things before they happen. Kimberly Meyers, my dental assistant is really the ONLY individual that I can speak my heart and soul to without being judged or criticized and she makes me feel so totally understood, plus it helps that she’s the prettiest woman I have met in my entire life. With all this going on, I am still dwelling on the negative. I really want to start making my 2nd chance at life as Positive as I possibly could and will soon. I really love the fact that when I speak to people, I am True and I do totally understand because I have experienced what they are going through. I tell them “no worries, I’ve lived in your shoes. I would assure them while they were crying and bugging out to listen to me. I speak from the heart and I didn’t study or read it in a book, I lived it. I am where I am because from my negative experience, I only saw light and the Positive side of any situation. After speaking straight up to them, they would smile and thank me. I would tell them how I never dwell on the negative because I can’t, couldn’t and wouldn’t because it’s not in my mind or in my abilities to sit around and be mad or upset. From here on out life is going to be a daily struggle, which is cool with me because it could have always been worse. At least I am alive and able to struggle with these minor problems. Not million miles up above wishing I was here on earth to go through these circumstances. Instead, I am now walking, talking and able to eat all by myself. Now, whenever I attempt anything, even if I fail I think, Walter, mission failed. What did you learn and what can you go back and do to correct your mistake so you can now conquer what you failed? Never do I work myself hard through pain, NEVER. If I do feel pain, something clicks inside my head telling me to stop and chill. Honestly, I never want to be back in the situation that I was in back in the day. The pain and hardships I am going to have to deal with for life needs to be a lesson learned. To my worst enemy, I would never wish my problems upon them 3*27*2006 Today is 4 years since my BEST FRIEND bettered his health & happiness. Grandpa is up in heaven with his two beautiful wives. Yesterday at Franklin memorial while cleaning debris around my 3 grandparents grave HUGH rays of sunbeams shooting through the clouds upon Brook, Lauren and I. To my mother I say “Grandpa’s saying Hello.” Later that day now and as I’m outside walking getting exercise I was looking into the sky, and a airplane leaving a jet stream of love. I make that a very comfortable feeling. Then my Uncle Jimmy calls me and I explained to him what just happened. Again at that time I was without noise, wind, and traffic and as I am explaining this to him, I look up and from left to right another jet stream of love. WOW, again (in my head) Grandpa, Angels, Lord saying “What’s up Walter? I AM HERE with you Buddy.” Then, to me, it was crazy. I am explaining all this to my mother as she and Lauren are leaving and she looks and says with a smile “Walter, they are just airplanes.” I explain to her what just happened and as I look up AND AGAIN coming at me directly another jet stream of love. Now, I am a firm believer that everything happens in Threes. It could be good, bad, ugly or sad. I believe it is Mind over Matter. Do you actually see what is right in front of your face? To me, IT’S A TEST. Opportunities are seldom, if you are not ready to understand, You Are Beat. I now Never Say Never because I always expect the unexpected. You say NO, and I hear KNOW. I know I can and I will have people wondering how I actually did that. Like my accident, if I would have heard the Doctors rather than my Angels and believed that I wasn’t going to be able to do anything, honestly I would have given up. BUT as my grandpa and father Walt were there with their thumbs up telling me to “Hold on Buddy, its Not Your Time. HOLD ON.” Now back from my therapies and before I even get out of Ellen’s’ truck Another Stream of love is right above me. To me, my angels saw to it that I came home safe. I decided to go get exercise and walk to the mail. NADA So I am on this health kick and figure I will walk down the dead end street around the circle. I am wondering if I should. I look up and EXACTLY right above me again is a stream of love telling me to go ahead and I will be fine. Still hours later and there’s not a cloud in the sky. There is nothing but The Ultimate feeling in my heart and Soul. I am so very fortunate. NOW, Thank You God, I can actually write again and record the events throughout my daily tests. This day, March 27 will forever be locked in my heart, mind and soul. To my angels, thank you. As I am talking to my neighbor Nikki about the smoke of love, she stops me and points up to the right. Another sign YES I KNOW there are two airports around me, but to my noggin, they are signs of comfort. STAY STRONG, BODY AND MIND. I will triumph and get through life normally Then, as my mother’s leaving and I am walking her to her car, we say bye, hug and kiss and I get this vibe to look above and Directly on top of my mother and myself is another stream of love. My Best friend JAMES still makes me feel so very comfortable. Every day since him and I met I have the most comfortable feeling in my heart and soul. YO, ITS FREE Jesus kept me here to speak to thee. THANK YOU Lord and to the transmitters of love and comfort. GREAT ending to a great day this March 27. Now the 28 th at 3:37 a.m. and Kim and I are complete opposites today. She didn’t really approve of this day. Unfortunate for my baby. Uncle Jimmy said he’s going to try to come here at the end of this week. His shoulder’s hurting him because of his love and assistance to set his dog Bailey up comfortable to Doggie Heaven. One week from today is my baby’s’ birthday. She and I are supposed to go and see David Gilmore at Radio City Music Hall in New York City the day before, into her birthday. A night in the city for your birthday, who is to complain about life? March 29, 2006 and today for me is chaotic, confusing, and I feel tightening and combustion on my body on a daily basis. While I’m outside walking back to my house, the bright yellow sun was beating on my face. At this moment I am at peace. I’m a firm believer that everything happens in threes. Various colored flags everywhere, but on my property there was 3 yellow flags. I make that a message that my Lord and Grandpa are showing me the way with love. March 30, 2006 I had a great day at therapy and as soon as I walk in, immediately constant arguments with my mother. No matter what I say, I keep getting yelled at. I am in a crazy place that I always try to avoid. I need brain and pain meds. I need deodorant, toothbrush and just a few things for my room. It’s hard when none of the utilities are on. I have therapy early tomorrow, all 3 therapies (occupational, speech, and physical.) I would like to shower, shave, brush my teeth and use some type of deodorant. If I could find an able body that would be nice enough to loan me a lump sum of money, my problems will be solved, well, so I believe. I’m not asking to give to me, but loan to me I am begging of you Please If I need a bottle of water, a slice of pizza, a pack of .25 gum, I have to ask and beg somebody to please give me a handful of change. If I had the money, I don’t need a ride because by walking I get great exercise and see so many great things like squirrels and birds playing. I need the exercise for my body and mind. In the future I’m sure I’ll be chilling in my pool at my new home with comfortable people drinking high quality H2o2 talking about how I was down in the gutter a few years ago and look how with the power of God, my life has flipped upside down for the better, I am praying. I am so very confused, but what else is new for me. As I’m looking up to the sky talking and praying, I realize how that is not needed. In order for me to say Thank You to him, I now truly believe that speaking and talking to Saints in your head is all that is needed to have you be heard. The Power of Prayer and my stubbornness not to give in I BELIEVE is what has carried me through. Death might have been knocking at my door, but it was locked. Either way, I was not answering and defiantly not opening. Crystal sky might be my new nieces name, Another level (generation) is brought into my life on this joyous day April 6 we went, lost each other, and met at the show. I can’t even afford a penny for my thoughts. Where there is a will, there is a way. She paid for the tickets, transportation, food and drinks. I wish I really could have helped someway. I KEEP telling myself inside my noggin to just focus on One Day at a time. Health and happiness will soon be given to you due to you persistence and MY I CAN DO IT ATTITUDE WALTER.. I Thank You Lord for this new chance at a new life. To All my Angels and Guardians, I thank you so very much for this ability to function on a daily basis. 4-14 JOJO KOBO said to me Walter be realistic, you are never writing a book so get with it kid. His attitude with my brain injury telling me NO with my brain injury, I hear KNOW. I KNOW I CAN, and I KNOW I WILL prove him wrong. For having TBI traumatic brain injury, I KNOW a little about ALOT. Start up this day at 6:49 on the 3rd of may and I am waiting for Kim to get out of her last Final and both our Finale of New Jersey. The beats that are on are Follow me. I am now following her and Foxy Lady by Jimi which just so happens to be one of her favorite artist. Then my life comes into play not in neutral. Beats come on from O town where we are headed and where I am bringing another soul to enjoy the better life. I PLAN on making her smile with joy. Now, THE BEATLES with Here Comes The Sun with no vocals, just the chill beat. For me music is the answer. Music is what helped to wake me from my eight day Coma. 8-30=06 my mother’s scared and wants to put me in a home. She’s scared? What about me? I am living with this all the time and I am just as confused. God, please be with me for I am with you. I met Meredith at HealthSouth Rehabilitation in Jackson, and Trust Me, That is a story of amazing, jaw dropping events. One day while I was working out at HealthSouth Rehabilitation in Jackson, New Jersey a lady tapped on my shoulder from behind, and asked if my name was Walter? I said yes, and showed my Tattoo for identification purposes. My wallet with all my info was MYSTERIOUS to anyone on where it all of a sudden went. So, my only form of I.D. was my name tattooed on my left bicep. It was one of my first tats and you know at that age, I was young dumb, full of cum, and thought I was always in control. **** Walter stay focused. See ladies gentlemen, and children? This is an example of me going off in a tangent. I am so focused on one thing, but yet something pops up and I TOTALLY forget all about what I was into first. So, the lady said “My name is Ellen and my patient thinks she knows you, do you want to come over and say hi?” “No Doubt” I said. For me I was amped. I might actually have a friend. So I went over to this beautiful woman in a wheel chair and introduced myself. She, at the time, wasn’t able to mouth many words. She would spell what she was trying to say in the air, but looking at her, it was backwards to you, but it was common sense to her because her finger was a marker and she was spelling it all out for you. MEREDITH WAS RIGHT, and we weren’t able to comprehend her language. Her nurse Ellen, great woman, told me her name was Meredith. I looked in disbelief at her. Meredith, I said? She shook her head YES. I yelled excitedly MERIDTH BARON Blue house left hand side on Englishtown road? She shook her head Yes. Wow, she was my first kiss EVER at Nicolas pizza my old stomping grounds. They do honestly make the best pizza you have ever had anywhere. No lie, I am sure that we got a slice, and played tag outside with friends. We just so happen to meet behind the dumpster hiding and suddenly Cupid were there and with the great conversation our lips locked. We both realized later on that as lovers we were a no go. Meredith like myself was also in a horrible accident and not her fault also. Someone was to blame, and Meredith and I are the ones that have to live with that one mistake forever. Hanging with her as much as possible, her nurse Ellen said how we needed to be out with the world experiencing normal thing around the public. At first, it was tough. Down at Jenkinsons at the Jersey Shore among Franks, and , WHICH is the greatest, is most defiantly gotta be the Pavilion. We would get into these video poker tournaments. Meredith and I would win quite frequently. Being with her over 15 years later 2 hours away from where we met, both now disabled, we made the best of it. With Ellen paying for everything, we never had to stop living life, Ellen, I THANK YOU ALWAYS.” Meredith”, I would say “I can’t understand your air spelling, take to me.” She would shake her head no, look down, shrug and lip I CANT. Repetition does pay, by the near future she and I could sit next to each other, having food and drinks while a poker tournament was going on all around us, she and I could now, laugh, talk and reminisce about everything. God saw that we met for a reason. So much time passed, so much happened horrible to the both of us, and we would both laugh and say WE ARE ALIVE and point towards Heaven and both Bless ourselves and thank God. 8/22/2006 Meeting with Social Security today and they say several months I will start my ISH. 9/6/2006 woke up to Joe pinto (FISH) shutting off our power illegally because he was fighting with my mother and she had to pay, ALONG WITH US I GUESS. I have a chance to go see Roger Waters tonight, but you now my steelo? IF it wasn’t for bad luck, I would have NO LUCK AT ALL, Another once in a lifetime opportunity missed, Lord, Please help change my lifestyle. 9/7/2006 just had a heart to heart with Kim about us being together as one. 9/11/2006 5 YEARS Concert tonight in New York City with tribute ALL U NEED IS LOVE 343 FIREFIGHTERS may God Bless Them and the Families 9/12/2006 US Embassy attacked and a buddy of mine James passed away this week, he wasn’t really accepted or welcomed, BUT HE WAS TRUE AND SO VERY REAL 100% 9/19/2006 off to the back Dr we go AGAIN. Hopefully, Lord let him be there third time. I just need some answers on why I am in agonizing pain nonstop 24 7 9/27/2006 at the Dr with a pinched nerve that hurts EXTREMLY, but I keep thinking how I conquered death and now something small like this, A Pinched Nerve? NO WORRIES WALLY I realize (Walter take baby steps because, you my friend, are so very blessed to be able to feel this agonizing pain 10/3/2006 FUNNY AND CRAZY how I am missing money and a gift from a friend. WALTER, you probably lost it BECAUSE YOU LOSE EVERYTHING THAT YOU TOUCH! 10/11/2006 My mother had to leave for a Dr. I feel as if I should be like her and everyone and ask for papers to prove to me that there’s actually a Dr. She just walked in and no HI, HELLO, she is yelling at me already. WE have no heat, no Ac, no food, and if I asked for a shit sandwich, I would be told to be a man and pull it out myself with enough to feed our ENTIRE development 10/17/2006 Went for my Social Security today trying to do it all on myself, and yesterday, my mother was yelling that I don’t do shit around the house while I was prepping and cooking shrimp I bought with my food stamps. Also, while doing ALL the laundry I got yelled at for not folding her and Laurens clothes. I ONLY HAVE TWO HANDS AND ONE DISABLED ME. 10/23/2006 Kim’s’ house is flooded so on Wednesday I will be there. Luckily, a Plummer is at her house now. Before leaving I felt bad leaving my mother, so I gave her $4 and a few cigarettes. SEE, I would do WHATEVER I could while she was saying how her coffee wasn’t right from WAWA. While I do my thing and can only afford to make my own coffee at home in the A.M. Brook and Carlos tell me “Walter, you need to chill out.” How am I overreacting? I always just state the obvious on what is extremely uncomfortable to me and our society CANNOT handle the truth. 28 and I am treated like a 15 year old. I can’t sit outside, take a walk, and call anyone. BUT, THEY ALL SAY. “Walter, you need to try harder, and chill, you are overreacting. Everyone wants to get somebody to help me. I SAY WHY, just please stop talking about stuff that makes me feel like a piece of ISH. Even if I don’t have ANYTHING to do about it, I am still at fault, no matter what. 45 minutes later she brought it up, something I NEVER DID. Now, we are both in a bad mood and she just wants to drop it. IT’S KINDA HARD, since you brought it up Nancy Lee. I feel uncomfortable, and I am told “Walter, you don’t care and you still have to talk about it with Joe and me now.” After I left and went for a walk, Joe pinto has passed by several times looking and saying child phrases while driving by. After I got to my house, Joe pushed me while he and my mother were walking out. My mother yelled “later dude, make something in the oven for dinner for you two. November 14, 2006 And the other side of this, I hope and pray Lord, PLEASE help or guide the direction . . . ? ? ? YES, NO MAYBE SO. I AMTRYING to be positive. NOVEMBER 27, 2006 and while helping out a friend Chuck with three coats of paint to help out a friend, I was cleaning up the drop clothes and underneath was a red wine color trail of paint on the white carpet. Chuck showed me what’s up and how to paint a quarter inch trim with a four inch paint brush. Now my 2 year anniversary of the new improved, smarter, stronger, and way more intelligent is trying to figure out how whenever I am around that shit goes sour. Like Kim told me it’s only 10% of what happens to you and it’s 90% of the way you react. Like a grain of salt, dust it off your shoulder and put on your boots and walk through the shit. I believe all that does, thinking Positive like that, is take you to a better state of mind. Thinking Positive I walk into the door and his brother Jim is jamming out to L A Woman and then he started playing the air guitar while painting. He’s a great, straight up guy. NOVEMBER 27, 2006 I keep being told for 2 years now how by everyone from both families how I am lazy, and it was just as much my fault so I need to STOP bitching and how I need to grow up and be a man. As they would ALL WALK AWAY IN DISGUST LAUGHING AT ME? December 12, 2006 Today at Kim’s house, the post office left a note about the threat of the loud, scary dog inside the house that always barks. If they only knew, it is a min pin (miniature pincher) he has a napoleon complex all that bark, AND TRUST ME, no bite. We just make sure he can’t get out attacking anyone. That was all we could honestly do. January 21, 2007 8:05 p.m. I am so scared right now. I am sleeping in this guys house that owns and runs a Construction business in Milltown New Jersey. This guy drove me to my house to get my belongings and moved me into his office in his house. WHY WOULD A STRANGER do this? It’s a few nights later and I’m sleeping on a airbed that deflates every night. When I awake, my bones ache from sleeping on the hard, cold concrete. David Trotta makes all these remarks that make me very uncomfortable. I tell him that I love ladies and I am not down with his entire gay, bend over jokes. I REALLY NEED TO BOUNCE, A S A P. I hate it here. I’m not gay. As uncomfortable as I am (body and mind) this plant, that grows from earth that our lord said In the first page as soon as you open the bible In Genesis it says: 10 And God called the dry land Earth, and the gathering together of the waters He called Seas. And God saw that it was good. 11 Then God said, ”Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth”; and it was so. 12And the earth brought forth grass, the herb that yields seed according to its kind, and the tree that yields fruit, whose seed is in itself according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. IT IS IN THE BOOK WE ARE ALL SUPPOSED TO FOLLOW. It’s all good and Positive February 28, 2007 the last day of this month. I get paid at 12 tonight….NOW MARCH 1 I NEVER GOT PAID. WHY? When I asked they told me that the guy in charge of New Jersey messed up. WOOPS. I am now at Shares’ house thankfully. She and her two kids, Meanie Madison, and Wacky Jack opened up the entire house and opened the refrigerator to me. Lord, please see that I make it. I was sleeping on a picnic table when the man I have been calling dad JP said “Sorry Walter, my basements flooded so, I have nowhere for you to stay. With several trucks, a garage, and three regular vehicles, but, NO ROOM. So he handed me his LINE OF BULLSHIT on how with his 2 jobs, 5 vehicles, 2 houses with garages, HOW HE HAS NO ROOM FOR ME TO CRASH FOR ONE NIGHT. Fuck You Jerry Petty. Thanks dad, a.k.a. piece of shit. There’s the credit that you want from me. February 9, 2007 Today si brooks’ birthday and I hope she is happy at this second in her life. Her and bobby all the best and good luck with the HUSH HUSH scam Spin Spin Chino I say to myself throwing down in my head. I truly love music and I can’t wait for Walters’ remixed future. February 12, 2007 11 feet 7 inches of snow fell in upstate New York RECORD when I walked outside it stopped snowing which reminds me to ALWAYS EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Pasta 3 POWDER DRINK MIXES 1/2 gallon of high quality h2o2 wings, daily chores and utensils are needed which all is there by me. OH MY BAD. Not bad from a person who does absolutely nothing I am like the Energizer bunny my days keep going and going dragging on so I go outside for some fresh air and while out there a black car locked them up and stopped, so me, not being a bitch, I stood up and made eye contact, then suddenly they sped away around the corner through a mound of snow off the road. Don’t know who and why that happened. A few days later I found out my mother had moved. Hey it’s a good thing, being a Bull I took life by the horns into my own hands and got a ride, got all my stuff and changed my address PRIOR. I just now at5:59pm realized I’m all alone and I have nowhere to call home really. Hey, I am alive right? So what’s the problem? Now 8:07 and now I’m trying baked beans in a pie crust. Who has issues? I am able to eat on my own with God giving me direction Kim and I are just chilling baking cookies, chocolate chip, I hope. I just learned a lesson after searching for something that took nearly an hour. The lesson I learned was if you can’t find something, just move shit out of your way and it will be right there. What I was searching for was right under the mail I just brought in and threw down. There they were. The entire time searching II was walking right over them under the mail. February 27, 2007 and today has been Two years and Three months for me since that day I was dumb and trusted somebody else after drinking who said he could drive. With one dollar for food my wheels start moving in my head and the axons start working trying to relate signals in my absent minded thoughts. I do know that eventually these problems I am going through will vanish and I will pass this test and be able to come out smiling. February 28, 2007 and today is the last day of February and I get paid at 12 at night March 1 and I never got paid because they told me politicians messed up and we are the ones to pay. March 1, 2007 at 7:30 p.m. and I just now realized that Honesty is the best tool in your vocabulary and I realize how I need to keep it real up in to keep it real up in the field and one hundred percent of the time tell only the truth because when lying you are in a dark circle and eventually you will get lost and forget where you started Now at my friends’ house. Shari Madison and Jack are all true, cool, funny, loving souls and it’s cool how they are all related. Lord PLEASE see that I make it. I was homeless to sleeping o a picnic table so I DO SEE how life has gotten better for me. For some it wasn’t much but to me the table was my bed. 12:33 a.m. I ran into one of my five sisters Jesica a.k.a. Ester Egghead is what I called my Buddy. We just chilled and got up with one another about everything under the sun. She and I both needed that. Goodnight LORD, I ask of you to watch over me while I rest. THANK YOU for this day. Awake now at 7:20 and massive amounts of snow everywhere. High today is going to be 37* and the low will be 29*. The snow’s falling and it m is the size of chocolate chip cookies. So me being me, I decided to start shoveling and dropping salt down. After one hour passed, I stopped and really thought to myself “Walter, why are you even bothering?” I was going to get yelled at when someone had a shitty day and I was the only one within distance for the negative vibes to be thrown in my direction. It’s a trip how nobody ever notices what I do around here, ever. MYSTERIOUSLY the salt just fell from this sky and just so happened to fall exactly only directly on out patio and our walkway. From the front door to my mothers’ car and around and behind the car to reverse out..ONLY WHEN I failed at something was I given any attention. March 3, 2007 I am here at Centrastate, the place where Grandpa last was before he went through the gates of heaven. It’s scary to be here again. Thankfully he bettered his health and went to be with his two wives. My Buddy Grandpa is the ultimate Mac Daddy. When we brought him to rest, we placed him right in between his two wives and while I am here writing, thinking and listening, what beats are now on? Love hurts. It does, but I know that I will get through this test with having nothing. As of now being in the hospital, when I bounce out, I still have no food, no money, no clothes, no home, and I haven’t been able to take a shower in five days, and I still have no government assistance. I give a shout out to Centrastate for providing all I need to feel clean and full everything I have needed for several long, cold and scary days. Now it’s 3:30 a.m. and I can’t sleep . . . now its 7:30 and I was just told that I can have no breakfast or meds until I see Social Services. So bugging out I decide to write and I am told that I am not allowed to use the light. Blood pressure is 110/70 and I have $33 in my pocket when I get out of here. The nice police officer from Spotswood bought me a cup of coffee and gave me $20 out of his pocket. If it wasn’t for that cool ass officer I would be homeless, hungry and broke, so, Thank You officer. Today is the 5th I believe and after being on hold for what felt like an eternity with the state, I am approved for assistance when I go to New Brunswick to re apply. Now 8:29 and while walking in Brunswick I met up with a ride and a place to stay for the night. If ever I needed assistance, Lord, Please help me now, I BEG OF YOU PLEASE. They are paying for a taxi to Brunswick I am leaving from the hospital to a half way house that after the taxi dropped me off, they had no room for me. So, I went from the ER, to a halfway house, to homeless. While I was walking the streets in New Brunswick, I asked several homeless people where I can go and get some rest. They told me “Christ Church on Patterson Street. With nothing but my man purse and the clothes on my back I am off to find my new home for tonight. I am all alone again. Before I go I will get some grub somehow, I hope. When I found Christ Church on Patterson Street, I walked in up the stairs and they, a church said to me “Sorry, we have no beds.” So, showing my scars and telling my story Suddenly now there was room for me because a regular never showed for the night and I could sleep in his cot. I walked up and shook all four of their hands and told the members of the church to please let me know if there is anything I can do to help to please let me know. By Networking I went up and introduced myself to a few of my new roommates. They asked how I got there and I started by telling them how I was jumped and then they heard my real deal true story. They were all in astonishment and I totally had all their mouths to the ground in amazement. So while outside Chilin with this cool ass cat, this guy fell asleep to my right while I was mad deep into a conversation with him. For me, it was no loss and it was all good. It was a pleasure talking to him while he was awake because he spoke highly of the Lord. After several long minutes, I was totally exhausted because I was holding his ass up. So, I am about to go inside and leave his ass outside to sleep with the Angels. Inside now at 10 p.m. and I am lying in a cot at church. I hope and prayed to God, with nothing, I Thank You. Honestly, who am I to complain? I have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in and a cup of hot tea. Lord, Thank You for being with me. You have answered all my prayers plus so much more and I now at this moment have it all. Please when I awake give me direction on my next step. We all have to be awake at 6 and out the door by 6:30. I am being told by several people that we can ride the trolley all day for free and the soup kitchen opens from 3 to 3:30 only. I first I was like WOW, but then I think to myself how baggers’ can’t be choosers. It’s a free hot meal and who the heck am I to judge? Everyone here seems down to earth, well at least I think and I hope. I am in Gods’ house. How much more could I possibly be protected? With that said, I now know that I AM SAFE. It’s scary being here because they all look all doped up on heroine and in a snap of a finger, they’re all out like trout nodding and falling over. But honestly, who am I to criticize? Here I have met some very true individuals and when I decided to call it a night, I gave knuckle love and a guy said to me “power to the people.” I gave him a hug and said “power to all people.” It is now curfew and everyone is in a bed. Walter can always make anything work. While I am laying down in between two people sleeping on cots, I maneuver so I can use the street light to write all this down nice and quite without moving an inch and raising eyes. I am so very aware and now, at this moment, truly I am blessed. Why complain man? “Where’s the party at Walter, Mr. DJ? I tell myself every second of everyday how I just have to make it all happen. I know In Gods’ timing my persistence is going to pay and I will go from rags to riches. After I have spoken to anyone and anything with ears that would listen, they would all say, “WOW Walter, you are going to be rich.” I will be rich with money and materialistic items YES, but as of today, I am the richest man alive. My goal is to strive for excellence. When people tell me NO with my brain injury, I hear “KNOW.” I love dropping all jaws in amazement because all the negative vibes I turn into Positive lessons. When it’s meant to be, there’s No doubt in my mind that I will have completed my mission. I WILL SUCCEED! Look at today for me: I was jumped and slept in the hospital overnight, then I was brought to a shelter which had no place for me to sleep, and at the end WOW, Lord saves me again. My goal before I’m 20 10 is to have a place to call home. Life is very, very tough for me at this point. Every nano second, every minute, every hour, every day, every month since that day I was dumb and trusted the guy when he said “I AM SOBER, AND YA, I CAN DRIVE.” Goodnight to all and to all, a good night tonight. Plan tonight is to sleep with the Angels in Gods’ house, but I can’t get myself to sleep. It’s scary and tough because they look like mummies. People look to be sleep walking about to go and do a bag, Now, a few seconds later, I most defiantly am going to be the last one asleep since I’m guarding myself and my bag of belongings, which is underwear, mints, and a chrome cross. It’s Friday now and in my head Walter speaks to Walter in front of a crowd of Walters. I ask myself This is what my horoscope said: Moon energy in fellow Earth sign Virgo can upset even a Taurean’s calm stance- not that you would let anyone know. But underneath that cool exterior could be a riled bull. One step at a time is the way to get through this weekend. Don’t put yourself under all sorts of pressure, either, it’s the weekend and it’s time to chill out and recharge the batteries….TO ME, it’s saying for me to have No Worries. First, I’m headed to the state office to get my assistance all up and running. While in line down at the office, I was degraded and talked to like a piece of shit. A lady called me a dickhead beca
  45. David says:

    Yes, PA is greedy and deceptive. Yes, they overprice the books and charge an exhorbitant price for shipping their overpriced books. The list price for my 61 page book 16.95. Anyone want to buy a 61 page book from an unknown author for 16.95? I bought 15 copies of my book and got 15 copies for free, however, I paid 91.70 for shipment. That is way too much for a 9 pound box that costs 10.11 to ship UPS Ground. I can see marking up the shipping, but not by %800. I had to buy the books so I could provide my readers my book at a fair price and lose money on them.

    Look PA up on the BBB Maryland site and you will see a C- rating due to the number of complaints filed against them. They have a BBB Online logo on their site, but they are NOT BBB accredited due to the number of complaints against them.

    Note: PA does not provide justification for their prices and when I asked I got a form letter from them saying their costs increased. I asked for proof and got: “Stop the Nonsense” as a response.

    PA is a rather poor publisher and most PA books do not sell. I’d estimate the average # of copies sold out of the 30K books available from them is 0.

    Publish with PA if you wish, just know these facts. If you don’t care about the issues I’ve presented here, by all means go through them.

    By the way, PA does have an author message board, but if they don’t like you, they will ban you from participation AND NOT TELL YOU WHY.

  46. Robert L. Reding says:

    How can I contact Raxon from phx.

  47. Patrick Notestine says:

    There is no Shawn Street at PA. They use fake names when reponding to e-mails and letters. They are the biggest scam in book publishing today.

  48. “There is no Shawn Street at PA.”

    There may once have been. PublishAmerica has very high turnover among their employees.

    But let me respond briefly to Shawn’s comments:

    “Her first misstatement was that PublishAmerica offered no editing. Our Text Production Department edits books for grammar and spelling corrections.”

    Running a text through a computer spell-checker is not “editing” as it is commonly understood in publishing.

    “Her second untruth was that PublishAmerica does not market our books nor assist authors in doing so. ”

    The “marketing” that PublishAmerica does is both minimal and ineffective, if selling books to the general public is the goal.

    “Paragraph 17 of the PublishAmerica contract states, ‘Sales promotion, advertising and publicity shall be at the Publisher’s election and discretion as to the extent, scope and character thereof and in all matters pertaining thereto.'”

    This is to say, if they feel like it.

    It’s hardly Shawn’s fault that PublishAmerica never feels like doing it.

    “We also make our books available to bookstores across North America through the wholesalers Ingram, Brodart, and Baker & Taylor.”

    That is the very minimum definition of being for sale. Any book with an ISBN gets as much.

    Technical availability, if a prospective customer walks over to the Special Orders desk, is very different from being stocked.

    “This move is unfortunate as Wikipedia’s article is full of errors and outright lies.”

    The Wikipedia article is fully referenced and footnoted.

    “Ms. Rucker’s complaints against PublishAmerica are extremely rare….”

    On the contrary, they are extremely common. Merely Googling on the word “PublishAmerica” brings up hundreds, if not thousands, of similar complaints.

    Following up on those testimonials that Shawn mentions, you’ll find that many of the people quoted in them have gone on to repudiate their favorable comments.

    Bottom line: PublishAmerica is a vanity press. They rely on sales to their own authors to stay in business.

    There are many better alternatives to PublishAmerica. Please, do your research.

  49. Dan Davis says:

    What is amazing to me is that PA can continue to deceive and steal from their “clients” as they clearly do, seemingly with impunity. There is abundant evidence — publicly available — to indicate that PA is nothing more than an elaborate confidence scheme. They misrepresent themselves by redefining publishing terms and practices to suit their purposes, and are very careful to establish the trust of their victims (relying on their ignorance of standard publishing practices) until these poor people are contractually obligated to follow through, at which point PA points to their statements of policy, this time making the true intent clear. Then when criticized they aggressively defame and prosecute. This is the textbook profile of a fraudulent operation. And yet…

    Has the local or state AG launched any sort of inquiry or investigation? If not, can someone here help me understand why not?

  50. Cindy says:

    To Shawn Street,

    Wow – You have to be kidding –Just look at the emails my daughter has been trying to communicate to your company.

    Yes while she was able to make needed corrections it was going to cost her $99.00. WHAT that was NOT in the contract!!
    After many rude emails from NICKIE she decided to live with the mistakes and make the needed corrections herself in each book SHE sold.

    Now onto the cover design – She received her design – A COPY photo of Mountains and trees? You have to be kidding!!!!

    This is a book to attract a younger audience. She explained that UPFRONT in her bio!!! So much for anyone reading her book – If you did you would have been able to design a cover that fits the writing!!


    They have totally left her out of any decisions on her book as to MISTAKES as well as her COVER DESIGN UNLESS she pays $99.00 per department!!!!!

    NO WHERE in her contract does it state these charges.

    In fact we have emails from your staff saying that they NORMALLY do not even offer to make changes so the 99.00 was only offered as a in her case????

    This is so horrible. We will pursue the publishing of her book elsewhere with full disclosure of what your company has done to HER book and you can decide what course you will take.


    Complaint to Maryland is forthcoming.

    SHAME on ALL of you !!!!

  51. Dennis Bryan Buck says:

    I made the mistake of using PA to publish my novella Northern Sky. The typos that made their way into the finished book were caused by Publishamerica. When I brought it to their attention, I was sent a form letter saying if 10 hardcover books were ordered, they might re-consider the decision.

    This is not to mention the $100 they tried to charge me for the cover art. The woman on the front of the book looks like a babooshka with a paddle for a hand…really bad! They wanted me to pay them to correct it!

    I will not let friends or family buy my book. The only way they will ever get money out of me is to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

    I hate these people.

  52. Dennis Bryan Buck says:

    PublishAmerica is a joke. They are hostile toward the writers.I made the mistake of using PA to publish my novella Northern Sky. The typos that made their way into the finished book were caused by Publishamerica. When I brought it to their attention, I was sent a form letter saying if 10 hardcover books were ordered, they might re-consider the decision not to fix it.

    This is not to mention the $100 they tried to charge me for the cover art. The woman on the front of the book looks like a babushka with a paddle for a hand…really bad! They wanted me to pay them $100 to correct it! Apparently I didn’t “follow the rules.”

    I will not let friends or family buy my book. The only way they will ever get money out of me is to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

    I hate these people.

  53. CKD says:

    I have told PA point-blank that I am cancelling my contract with them. They would not address the fact that my book was designed to published with color illustrations when I had offered to pay for the color production since they supposedly “only publish children’s books in color.”

    Additonally, I received e-mails trying to get me to pay a $49 Rush fee to “move the book to the front of the production line,” and another e-mail offering my book for $9.95 plus 5 hardcopies free. The e-mail stated that my book was in production even though I was not given a final proof or communicated that the final editing was done!

    At this point, I sent an e-mail to Kristine in Acquisitions, Jennifer in Production, and to their so-called Author Support Dept. There is also an Emiy in Acquisitions and a Michael who the company uses to call people on the telephone to let them know their book has been accepted.

    I am starting to believe that 90% of the manuscripts they receive are accepted with a cursory glance. I do believe that their so-called “employees” have fictitious names since they seem to not know each other. The company has gone so far as to establish e-mail addresses with these fictitious names if this is true.

    Additionally, if anyone tries to call the company at (301) 695-1707 you will only hear a recorded message saying “mail box is full” or “you are unable to leave a message at this number.

    Incidentally, the only reason why I have their phone number is because Hanna in (who knows what Dept.–let’s say, Scam them for money dept.) called to ask for my credit card# for the $49 rush fee.

    When I inquired with her about producing my book in color and first seeing a final document with the color illustrations, Hanna feigned ignorance and said she had no idea who Jennifer was in Production, and that those questions need to be addressed in Production, and further, that there is no phone in the Production Dept. Then in the same breath, she again asked whether or not I will pay for the RUSH fee!

    PA has proved to be incredibly unprofessional and I do believe, at this point, a total scam-company, more so in recent months and years than they might have started out. They have honed their skills at scamming authors and would-be authors all over this country.

    If an attorney is reading this blog and can give all of us who have complaints against this company ADVICE in legal terms, particularly a “Class A Action Suit” or similar type of suit that can be filed against this company, that is what I would really like to see.

    Companies like PA are a disgrace to the book publishing industry!

  54. CKD says:

    PS:If anyone who has signed a Contract with PA and have not recieve a symbolic $1.00 from them upon acceptance of your manuscript, know that PA is in Default of its own contract, Section 8, among other things.

  55. Scorched, Baked, and Fried says:

    Someone named Darien Marshal posted on July, 2007 how wonderful PA is and how it’s getting better and better. I boiled for about an hour and realized that I had to post this reply:
    You must be a PublishAmerica minion.
    I couldn’t let this b.s. go without rebuttal.

    I was given 48 hours to proofread 650 pages (160,000 words) of THEIR errors. Prior to submission, two editors had fully proofed my manuscript for grammatical errors, story line, punctuation, but when I got my proof I had almost five pages of corrections that their .doc to .pdf software and their “editor” created. I stayed up 48 hours straight. I asked for an extension and was told that “per our contract” only 48 hours was allowed for corrections. I did it.
    They sent the second proof back in two weeks with MORE errors. I did the same again, 48 hours of coffee, cokes and no sleep.
    Then they told me that they would not make the corrections, “per our contract”, until I showed them that NONE of the errors were present in the original manuscript.

    So Darien, or whoever you really are, you either got off light, or you are not being truthful – bald face liar is what I really wanted to say…

    My experience happened in 2009 (and is still happening), so screw the “getting better and better” lie also.

    The only thing they did right was the cover art, which I SENT them.

    Please, please, if you are considering using them, don’t throw away your hard work and dreams. Get a literary agent, self publish, anything but PublishAmerica.

  56. CKD says:

    PA is the worst experience I have ever encountered with publishing. The company is totally unprofessional, and uses “alias” names because they are so full of deception they have to hide behind fake names. PA “published” my book, which was supposed to have illustrations in full color, which they promised to print in color with a rush fee and additional fee for color. All of a sudden, without even approving a final galley or pdf, PA sent to hundreds of e-mail addresses in my database that the book was published. Upon clicking on the link, one can see that it is indeed published, in BLACK and WHITE, and they even go as far as to note that the book is “a B/W version.” Who in the world bothers to print a black and white version of a book that is supposed to be in full color (the book contains 12 images or color plates that are digital images of original paintings)?

    I have advised all my contacts to NOT order the book; it is an unauthorized publication as far as I’m concerned.

    I have since rewrote the book under a different title and name.

    Therefore my horrible experience with PA has been somewhat redeemed–a brand new book with a DIFFERENT PUBLISHER.

    Justice shall be served for all those who have been wronged by PA–one day soon this company will go belly-up for good–for taking advantage of so many authors and exploiting the hard work of others, including tarnishing the reputations of otherwise decent & honest authors.

  57. How To Fight Publish America says:

    Authors victimized by Publish America must UNITE!

    Authors, if you’ve been victimized by Publish America and in addition to feeling violated, misled, cheated, bullied, ignored, taken for granted, exploited, and/or approached with extortion, and you feel powerless to right the wrong perpetrated against you, take heart. You are not alone!

    Bullies are cowards who prey upon the unsuspecting, timid, and weak. They also operate in the dark. TOGETHER, WE will aggressively and unrelentingly take the fight to them. WE will expose them, individually and severally, very publicly and ultimately kick their ass! Refuse to be their victim! Become soldiers in the army against the Publish Americas victimization of yourself and aspiring authors everywhere!!!

    Following is a step by step approach to unite victimized authors and to involve powerful agencies for their assistance and enforcement. Many of these agencies are already aware of Publish America, their rotten reputation, their negative press, and how they prey upon the unsuspecting. It is very important that you do everything outlined below and name the deceiving Publish America individuals that you dealt with. Follow up with each organization to your satisfaction. VERY IMPORTANT – copy/paste this letter to Publish America related blogs and websites all over the www.

    1. Call, write, email, and fax Publish America daily, expressing your issues with them. They can be reached at: 111 E. Church Street – Frederick, MD 21705, P.O. Box 151 – Frederick, MD 21705, 4510 Metropolitan Court , Frederick – MD 21701, Phone – 301.695.1707, Fax – 301.874.4793, and emails –,,,,,,,,,,

    2. File complaint with Maryland’s Attorney General Doug Ganzler at 410.576.6300.

    3. File complaint with Maryland’s Senators Ben Cardin at 410.962.4436 and Barbara Mikulski at 410.962.4510.

    4. File complaint with Maryland’s Congressman Roscoe Bartlett at 301.694.3030. Fax – 301.694.6674. Seek out Ashley Collier who will coordinate with the Frederick MD police, as well as with the local FBI.

    5. File complaint with Maryland’s BBB at 410 347.3990

    6. File complaint with Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley at

    7. File complaint with Maryland’s Mayor Randy McClement at 301.694.1380.

    8. File complaint with Maryland’s Assistant City Attorney Rachel Depo at 301.600.1391.

    9. File complaint with Frederick, Maryland’s police Sergeant DeGrange at 301.600.2118

    10. File complaint with your own states Senator.

    11. File complaint with Maryland’s Volunteer Lawyer Service at 800.510.0050

    12. File complaint with Frederick County’s Bar Association vs. Publish Americas attorneys at 310.663.1139.

    13. File complaint with Maryland’s local network television news crime tips, crime watchers, and investigative teams.

    14. File complaint with Baltimore, MD FBI at They are aware of Publish America and want victims to post their stories and complaints on their site.

    15. File complaint with the Maryland State Police at 301.600.4151.

    16. File complaint with Maryland’s State Attorneys office at 301.600.1523, 301.600.2026, and 301.600.2993.

    17. File complaint with the US Attorney General at 950 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20530-0009. 202.353.1555‎.

    18. File complaint with the FBI at Federal Bureau of Investigation – J. Edgar Hoover Building –
    935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20535-0001. 202.324.3000.

    19. File complaint with ISBN at 908.219.0274.

    20. File complaint with Ingram Book Wholesalers at 800.937.8200 and 615.793.5000.

    21. File complaint with Baker & Taylor Book Wholesalers at 800.775.1800 or 908.541.7000. Ask for publisher relations.

    22. File complaint with Brodart Book Wholesalers at 570.326.2461. Ask for Jim Bobak in acquisitions or email Mindy Engel at

    23. File complaint with

    24. File complaint with at 734.477.1941 or 734.477.1100. Ask for someone in acquisitions, publisher relations, etc.

    25. File complaint with the federal BBB at 202.393.8000.

    25. File complaint with Maryland’s FBI at 410.265.8080.

    27. File complaint with the Attorney general in your home state.

    28. Put your thinking cap on and come up with additional ways to FIGHT Publish America. Share these ideas via blogs, newsletters, websites, etc

    See. You are not powerless. It is critical, however, that you do all of the above, follow up with the agencies, and keep the heat turned up fully on Publish America and it’s complicit co conspirators. The might of our right will crush their wrong!!!

  58. Kathryn Radeff says:

    I, too, went with Publish America, and I am horrified at my experience with them. Not only did they publish my books with errors, which they refused to correct, when it comes to paying royalties, they tell you “the bookstores have reneged on paying us, so you get no royalties until we settle the dispute. We are taking them to court.”
    Meanwhile hundreds of copies of my book were sold through Barnes & Noble since its release. I am filing complaints with local and state government agencies, and would never recommend this publisher to anyone.

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