John Eppel: Poet, Novelist and Short Story Writer

John Eppel was born in South Africa in 1947 and grew up in Zimbabwe. He teaches English at Christian Brothers College in Bulawayo.

His first novel D.G.G. Berry’s The Great North Road, won the M-Net Prize in South Africa. His second novel, Hatchings, was shortlisted for the M-Net Prize while his poetry collection, Spoils of War, won the Ingrid Jonker Prize.

His other works include The Giraffe Man (translated into French), The Curse of the Ripe Tomato, The Holy Innocents, and The Caruso of Colleen Bawn and the poetry anthologies, Sonata for Matebeleland, Selected Poems: 1965-1995 and Songs My Country Taught Me 1965-2005.

He has also written two study guides for Literature in English.

2 Responses to “John Eppel: Poet, Novelist and Short Story Writer”
  1. Brenda Day says:

    John Eppel gave me lessons in English literature, but also gave some impromtu life lessons in his own underhand semi-synical way. A few short months of him teaching Storm and I gave us an entire new outlook in life. We even managed to remember some quotes from our lessons with him…

    ‘Bugger the Poet!’ – The irony being, he himself is a poet.
    (On the subject of Jesus Christ, out the mouth of a self proclaimed atheist) ‘We’ve been waiting for the Bugger for over two thousand years and he still hasn’t come…. How inconsiderate.’

    His books are a laugh a minute, absolutley bursting with his own personality. However they are not for the prude at heart…

  2. Jacquey Sagar Oppenheimer says:

    This is for John
    We lived in Colleen Bawn Reg, Jacquey, Leigh,Dana, Lauren.
    When Meg had an appointment we took care of Patty who played with our girls.
    I would dearly love to be in contact to find out if we can write to Harold and Meg.
    Please be in touch Jacquey

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