M. J. Pearson: Author, Gay Romance Novels

There’s still a bit of an acceptance issue. When I first joined the Romance Writers of America, for instance, it was just as certain people began lobbying to exclude same-sex couples from the definition of “romance.” That battle should have been won when the RWA Board of Directors made it clear that, in their words, “any definition of romance should be broad and inclusive.” Unfortunately, there are members who won’t give up the fight.

— M. J. Pearson on the challenges faced by authors of gay romance novels, Conversations with Writers, December 9, 2006.

M. J. Pearson is the author of two highly acclaimed gay historical romance novels.

Her debut novel, The Price of Temptation, came out in 2005 and was a finalist in the Romance category of the Lambda Literary Awards.

Discreet Young Gentleman, her second novel, was declared a winner in the Published category of the Great Beginnings contest that is sponsored by the Utah chapter of the Romance Writers of America.

In an interview with Conversations with Writers, which took place on November 12, M. J. Pearson spoke about her concerns as a writer.

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