[Books] In My Fashion, by Mary Essinger

Mary Essinger’s new book, In My Fashion (Heart of Albion Press, 2005) tells the story of one woman who, like generations of other women and men, toiled in Leicester‘s hosiery factories. After leaving school, the woman started work cutting cotton vests for the Cherub factory in 1949, then went on to work in a dress factory and progressed to the design office.

Saturday nights at the Palais wearing Max Factor makeup, weekends hiking to youth hostels and sex in the factory are all described with matter of fact humour and innocence.

But this story is not just about one person’s factory life — it’s about everyone who gets a job, grows up and tries to figure everything out.

BBC Radio Drama Producer, Jenny Stephens has described the book as “an an evocative and enjoyable account of a bygone era. It’s neither nostalgic nor whimsical but affectionately remembers the past as it was. There’s a great deal of humour and a rich array of characters.”

In the U.K., the book can be ordered through a number of sources that include: Browsers (Stoneygate, Leicester), Waterstones, Borders, Tourist Information Centre (Town Hall Square, Leicester), the Records Office (Long Street, Wigston) and Heart of Albion Press.


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