Are You Laughing At Me?

The Leicester Comedy Festival is the longest running comedy festival in the U.K.

This year’s festival started on February 9 and will run until February 18. It features a series of events called Are you laughing at me?, which are about disability and comedy. These are currently taking place at the Richard Attenborough Centre and include performances by Mat Fraser, Nasty Girls and Steve Day as well as a seminar focusing on comedy, disability and impairments.

Also on the menu are comedians who include Jimmy Carr, Paul Merton, Tim Minchin, Sean Hughes, Count Arthur Strong, Shappi Khorsandi, David O’Doherty, We Are Klang!, Russell Howard, Jim Smallman, Topping & Butch, John Ryan, Wil Hodgson, Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year Competition, Everards Fringe, James Branch, Pam Ann, Rhod Gilbert, Paul Sinha, Josie Long, Stewart Lee, Prunella Scales, Henning Wehn, Toby Hadoke, Norman Lovett.

Information on the events and venues is accessible on the festival’s website.

Keranjit Poonia at the BBC Leicester Open Centre says: “As always the festival will be making thousands of people happy.”

The BBC Leicester Open Centre is covering of the festival extensively. Visitors to the centre’s website can also, among other things:

  • listen to exclusive interviews with comedians who include Sue Townsend, Jarred Christmas, Jose Long, Liam Mullone, Arthur Smith, James Branch, Paul Sinha, Leonie Orton, and Rich Hall
  • watch the festival’s preview show
  • watch a number of comedy sketches made around Leicester, and
  • participate in a discussion on who they think is the best comedian of all time

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