Letter: An A-Z of East Midlands Writers

Dear Writers

As you may know, the Literature Network is working on a website for literature across the East Midlands, featuring news, activities, contacts etc. It is also intended that a major feature of the website will be an A-Z of East Midlands writers.

We have established criteria for writers’ inclusion, and I’m forwarding these to you. The explanation should be self-explanatory, but if you have any questions, please get in touch. And if you’d like to feature on the website, please fill in the details and send them to Naomi Wilds. Please also feel free to circulate this to other East Midlands writers who you feel fulfil the criteria.

Criteria for inclusion

Writers, poets, storytellers, playwrights, screenwriters listed on the site will:

  • Live or work in the East Midlands: i.e. Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire or Northamptonshire.
  • Be practising, published creative writers of literary fiction, poetry or literary non-fiction. Playwrights, screenwriters, storytellers and performance poets will also be listed. (Literary non-fiction includes biography, memoirs, autobiography, historical non-fiction, literary criticism and travel writing (but not guidebooks)).
  • Writers will have had at least one published book, commercially marketed, sold and distributed by the publisher throughout the U.K.
  • Playwrights and Screenwriters will have had at least one professional production of their work or one film or broadcast of their work.
  • Performance poets or storytellers will have a regular record of paid professional work over the past two years. Details should be sent along with the other information requested.
  • Writers of vanity press titles (in which payment is exchanged in return for publication) will not be listed.
  • Writers of self published titles are eligible, if the work is of quality or the writer meets other criteria by which they are eligible. A copy of the relevant title(s) plus details of how distribution has taken place should be sent to the Literature Network together with the other information requested.
  • Writers who have had work published in reputable literary magazines or anthologies may also apply, as may writers who have achieved competition/award success, paid commissions and writers of pamphlets. Please send us details.
  • Where necessary, published work may be requested for review.
  • The A-Z will not include journalists or general non-fiction.
  • The Literature Network has final decision on inclusion.

Information We Need from You

  • Name
  • Optional Photograph/Image (please email JPG file, or post photo to be scanned.)
  • Writing Biography (150 words max.)
  • Your Location (City or County)
  • Publications/Productions (if storyteller or performance poet, details of your work over past two years and/or style/repertoire. If published, give us the weblink to buy your work online)
  • Are you available for Readings, Performances or Workshops (up to 50 words describing what you can offer)
  • Do you have a Website? Please give us the URL and we will provide a link to it
  • Searchable Keywords
  • There will a drop down menu for users to search the directory for particular writer types, for example crime writers, poets, historical fiction for example. If there are particular categories which apply to your work, let us know. We may also draw these from your biography and publications list.
  • How can People Contact You. This will be published on the web, we suggest you give website/email only.

Data Protection Act 1998 — Must be completed

By returning and signing this form you will be sending the details to the Literature Network for publication online. You are responsible for the accuracy of the information you send us and we reserve the right not to publish or to withdraw any material which we discover to be incorrect or deem inappropriate. Our database will be registered with the Data Protection Registrar and we will maintain our duty to ensure its accuracy by contacting you annually to confirm or update the information.

Please tick the box below or overtype YES if you agree we can use your information in this way:

I agree my information can be held and used as described above: ……

The following will not be published on the site. This is for updating our own records.

  • Postal Address
  • Contact Phone Number (s)
  • Email

I agree my contact information can be held by you and used to keep me up to date with updates from the Literature Network via EM~IT and other bulletins. We will not pass this information onto anyone else.

Please tick the box below or overtype YES if you agree we can use your contact information in this way:

I agree my information can be held and used as described above: ……

Please email your responses to Naomi Wilds, if possible, by 8 January 2007 or post to Literature Network, c/o Charnwood Arts, 31 Granby St, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3DU.

Kerry Featherstone
Literature Development Officer
Leicestershire Library Services
Rother Crossroads
929/931 Loughborough Road

Telephone: 0116 2678004

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