Jacqueline Wilson, author of ‘Double Act’

By Stella Tanaka Musiyiwa,
OhmyNews International,
February 15, 2007.

[A podcast of the following article is available on OhmyNews International. <Editor’s Note>]

My favorite author is Jacqueline Wilson. She was born in England in 1945, in Bath but has spent most of her life in Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey. Her interest in writing has always been there since a young age. She wrote her first novel at the early age of nine, filling countless pages of Woolworth’s exercise books as she grew up.

double-act.jpgI first came across a Jacqueline Wilson book as I was rummaging through shelves of library books, and I saw a brightly colored yellow and orange book with two identical twins on the front. I took it from the shelf and it said Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson.” I took it home and ever since reading it I have always enjoyed her books.

Double Act is about two twins named Ruby and Garnet who look alike but are not alike (personality wise). The novel tells of how Ruby and Garnet cope after their mother dies and their father gets a new girlfriend named Rose.

I have read most of Jacqueline Wilson’s books. I enjoy the books because she writes in such a way you feel as if you are there with the characters facing their challenges with them, which can be quite an enjoyable experience.

best-friends.jpgMy favorite Jacqueline Wilson book has to be Best Friends which is about two girls Alice and Gemma who are separated when Alice moves to Scotland. I like it because many girls can relate to it including myself.

I enjoy all of Jacqueline Wilson’s books except one, The Werepuppy. I did not enjoy it as much as most of her work, probably because I have read better from her and maybe because it was for children of a younger age group. It is about a boy named Mickey and how he is terrified of dogs after watching a werewolf video. His Mother thinks the only conclusion is to get him a dog but to everybody’s surprise he gets a werepuppy. Mickey and Wolfie bond and end up having a special relationship.

I look forward to reading many more of Jacqueline Wilson’s books.

[Stella Musiyiwa was born in Zimbabwe in 1995. Some of her stories have been published on Kids on the Net. These include Living in Africa; Chloe and the Mermaid and The Legend of Beowulf Retold. More of her short stories and poems are available on her blog, Write. <Editor’s Note>]

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