School Poetry Slams

Performance poets from the East and West Midlands are joining forces with Leicester Libraries to bring poetry to the young people of Leicester, slam style!

Established by new October Poets Richard ‘Dreadlockalien’ Grant and Giovanni ‘Spoz’ Esposito, the poetry slam project runs in over 80 schools in Birmingham and across the West Midlands helping thousands of young people to develop literacy, teamwork and performance skills. And now the project is coming to Leicester!

Local poets Rob Gee and Lorna Meehan join Dreadlockalien and Spoz to run three introductory slam days at Leicester schools (Crown Hills, Rusheymead and Rusheymead Primary) in March and April. Each day will allow up to 120 young people to get a taste of poetry slamming. Slam days in more schools are also in the pipeline.

The East Midlands Poetry Slam project aims to culminate with a regional final, from which teams of young people from local schools will compete to find the best young poets in the region.

“Poetry slams are an international phenomenon that have re-energised people all over the world with a new enthusiasm for performance poetry and spoken word. In a slam poets compete one against the other to win the audiences vote, using elements of hip hop, theatre, comedy and literature,” Leicester Libraries’ Literature Development Officer, Damien Walter explains.

For more information about the East Midlands Poetry Slams project or to book a slam day for your school please visit Leicester Literature.

If you would like further information on any aspect of Literature in Leicester please contact:

Damien Walter
Literature Development Officer,
Libraries A12 New Walk Centre,
Leicester LE1 6ZG

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