Call for Submissions: ‘Laughing Now’

Weaver PressLaughter is a release, a positive energy, an affirmation of a principle or ideal, a perception of the ludicrous or absurd; it provides us with a sense of community as we laugh with people at something comic or alien, or reduce someone or something to a size where it can no longer threaten us. Laughter can explode myths and poke fun at stereotypes.

Laughter can provide a joyous release, but it can also be cruel and sarcastic. We laugh at our foes, when we are determined not only to reduce but to belittle the subject of our humour.

Laughter has many faces, and in Zimbabwe it has been and still is a great resource, a huge strength, as times grow harder for most people.

Weaver Press has decided to publish one more collection of short stories, Laughing Now. Stories must be original, and not previously published elsewhere.

They should be no shorter than 900 words, and no longer than 5000 words.

Stories should be submitted in soft or hard copy by 30th April, 2007.

As with previous collections, a small fee will be paid for the short story. The collection will however, be submitted for the Caine Prize where the prize for the winning story is US$15,000.

Weaver will retain world rights on the collection and will endeavour to sell individual stories to other publishers. In this case, as with the two previous collections, any fee paid for the story will be given in full to the author.

A maximum of fifteen stories will be accepted and to make it fair to everyone stories will not be accepted after the deadline.

We look very much forward to hearing from you.

All enquiries to:

Irene Staunton
Weaver Press
Box 1922

Phone 00 263 4 308330
Fax 00 263 4 339645


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