Synergy’s Virtual Book Tour

Synergy by M.D. BenoitSF author M.D. Benoit is on a virtual book tour to promote her upcoming alternate reality novel, Synergy. The tour started on March 28 and will run until April 11.

During this period, ten people will host M.D. Benoit for a day on their blogs to discuss Synergy, its themes, and characters. Some blogs will also feature interviews with the author and reviews of the book. On her own blog, Life’s Weirder than Fiction, she will announce where she will be that day, as well as talk a bit about her host.

Synergy’s Virtual Book Tour will culminate with a Virtual Book Launch, on April 14 and 15.

M.D. Benoit lives in Ottawa, Canada, with her husband and her cat (who is really an alien in disguise). She has a Masters Degree in Psychology from Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she lived for eight years before moving to Ottawa, Ontario.

Her books include Metered Space (Zumaya Publications, 2004); Meter Made (Zumaya Publications, 2005); and the just released SF story on genetic warfare, Synergy. Another Jack Meter Case File, Meter Destiny is scheduled to come out in 2007-08, from Zumaya Otherworlds.

In addition to writing, M.D. Benoit has also edited books that include a children’s anthology, The Friendship Anthology (2000, Nepean Public Library), and Looking In… Portraits of the Canadian Soul, a collection of stories, essays and poetry, accompanied by pictures taken by a series of Canadian photographers from across the country. She has also been involved in numerous additional editing projects such as Now we’re cooking! 43 Authors in the Kitchen.

M.D. also writes reviews of SF novels for The Eternal Night, an online SF Review site from the U.K.

She is currently working on her sixth manuscript, Entropy and a fourth Jack Meter Case File, Meter Parents.

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