Call for Proposals: Commissions Program

Dispatx Art CollectiveDispatx Art Collective is calling for project proposals related to our eighth collection, Appropriation in Creative Practice, with a particular focus on the use of developed ideas and theories as a material across different artistic disciplines. The deadline for proposals is the 23rd of June 2007.

Accepted projects are developed via tools in the Studio — the online creative laboratory comprising a series of specific tools for the documentation and publication of the projects’ development. The process is displayed in Make, allowing site visitors to interact with it via tags, comments and through creating private collections.

The new projects will begin development on July 21st, coinciding with the publication in Show of the collection currently in process.

We have created a commissions program for work developing the theme of Appropriation in Creative Practice. This program benefits collaborating artists and contemporary collectors alike. Visibility to the creative method allows for the possibility of long-term patronage, with Dispatx Art Collective acting as a medium between artist and collector.

The inaugural commission award consists of two commissions of between 750 and 2000 euros each for one project in photography and another in sculpture.

For more information on how to collaborate, please visit

For more information on the commissions program, please visit


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