Andrew Hook, Author of ‘Beyond Each Blue Horizon’

Andrew HookIn addition to being the founder and publisher of Elastic Press, a small independent U.K. press that specialises in anthologies of short stories “at the edges of reality and fantasy,” Andrew Hook is an award-winning author and editor.

He has written over a hundred short stories, some of which have been featured in magazines that include The Third Alternative, Em: writing and music, Multi-Story, Buzzwords, and Front and Centre.

His books include the short story collections, The Virtual Menagerie (Elastic Press, 2002), Beyond Each Blue Horizon (Crowswing Books, 2005) and Residue (Halfcut Publications, 2006) as well as the novels Moon Beaver (ENC Press, 2004) and Full Circle. He has also edited The Alsiso Project (Elastic Press, 2003), an anthology which features 23 stories from 23 different writers all of whom examine, in their own way, the enigma of Alsiso.


  • His short story “April Syrup” was recently honourably mentioned in Ellen Datlow’s Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror.
  • The Virtual Menagerie was nominated for the 2003 British Fantasy Society “Best Collection” Award.
  • In 2005, Elastic Press won the British Fantasy Society awards for Best Small Press and Best Anthology.

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  • An Interview with Andrew Hook by Duncan Barford, infinity plus, 2005.
  • Interview: Andrew Hook of Elastic Press, Emerald City #105.


Beyond Each Blue Horizon,Residue,The Alsiso Project

One Response to “Andrew Hook, Author of ‘Beyond Each Blue Horizon’”
  1. Cliff Burns says:

    I believe I’ve read at least one of Mr. Hook’s tales and think he presents an interesting “take” on the world. I’ve been a professional writer for over 20 years, a surrealist, fabulist (though neither label fits comfortably). I’ve appeared in similar mags as Monsieur Hook and hope you’ll pop by my new site for a peek at my work. It’s called “Beautiful Desolation’ and can be found at
    Best wishes,

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