Author Patrick Mackeown Invites Guests to Live Radio Show

refugee weekAs part of The Refugee Week’s programme of arts and cultural events, I’ve been asked to present a live radio show, in central London, on Saturday evening June 23, between 6 and 7 pm.

I’m looking for guests. The theme will be “Current Events in Literature…”

This gives me the opportunity to bring my work and subjects such as politics, corruption, and so on sharply into focus. But, with the show taking an hour on air, there will be plenty of room for other topics.

Initially I’m interested in having five guests and myself on the programme. As a suggestion, I’d consider having a printed list of topics to discuss at ten minute intervals.

If you know of any authors who are keen to get exposure either for themselves or for their political literary work, please could you pass the message on?

If anyone who wants to show an interest could get in touch with me on this email address:, that would be perfect.

Source of message

Patrick Mackeown, Author of The Expendability Doctrine

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