June 2, 2007: Poetry Day at Chesterfield Library

1.00-5.45 pm: Workshops.
7.00-9.00 pm: A poetry evening with guest poet Patience Agbabi and readings from poets featured in Images of Women including Myra Schneider, Jacqueline Gabbitas, Cathy Grindrod, Karen Buckley and Cora Greenhill.

During the afternoon you can choose two writing workshops from the following three options:

  • 1.00-3.00 pm: Workshop 1.
  1. The one thing you own: with Jacqueline Gabbitas. How we write and how we speak are seldom the same, but why not? As a writer, your voice is the one thing you truly own; words belong to everyone but how you articulate them belongs only to you. Through writing exercises and looking at examples of published poems, this workshop will explore what ‘finding your voice’ means and how we can permit ourselves access to languages we might not consider ‘poetic’.
  2. A wider audience: with Cathy Grindrod. ‘How can I get critical feedback for my work?; which poetry magazines shall I send to and how do I approach editors; is it worth entering poetry competitions, and if so, which ones?; how would I go about self-publishing and how can I avoid vanity publishing? This workshop will cover these questions and more. There will be plenty of discussion, information and practical tasks.
  3. Exploring yourself in writing: with Myra Schneider. In this workshop we shall use some unexpected starting points to explore different aspects of ourselves and we shall try out techniques for extending first ideas and making new connections. There will be time to start developing a poem.
  • 3.45-5.45pm workshop 2. Repeat of sessions with Jacqueline Gabbitas, Cathy Grindrod, Myra Schneider.


  • For workshops and the poetry evening £10/£8 concessions.
  • For the poetry evening only £5/£3 concessions.

Available from Chesterfield Library on Tel: 01246 209 292.

Refreshments will be available, although lunch is not provided. You are welcome to bring your own lunch, or there is a café at the library and shops nearby.

Source of message: EMIT Writers News, June 2007.

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