Leicester Students Prepare to Celebrate Architecture Week 2007

Monica FernandezDigital Artist Monica Fernandez, and a selection of students from Sir Jonathan North Community College will be working together to produce exciting artwork for the celebration of Architecture Week 2007.

The artist and students will contemplate the brownfield sites of Leicester and their impact on the built environment during a two-day workshop that will be held at the LCB Depot on the June 6 and 7. They will then go on to produce a final display.

“We are looking for old and new layers of identity to build up a more Verde Leicester,” Monica Fernandez said.

The 10-day exhibition will be held at the LCB Depot and will run from June 15 until June 24. It will explore concepts of emptiness, displacement, identity and industrial history.

Gemma Wright, an Arts Manager at Sir Jonathan North Community College, said the college was very pleased to be working alongside Monica Fernandez.

“Our specialist art students feel privileged having been chosen to inspire a more Verde Leicester using unique materials.”

Monica Fernandez and the students will be available for interview on Wednesday, June 6 and Thursday, June 7 at LCB Depot (31 Rutland Street, Leicester) from 9.30 — 11.30 am or 1.30-2.30 pm. For more information on this please email Monica Fernandez at: monica@mo-arts.com or telephone: 07962155045.

For full details of all of the events taking place in Leicestershire during Architecture Week 07, visit the website: www.architectureweek.org.uk (selecting East Midlands). <Editor’s Note>

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