A Talk with Artist Bedwyr Williams, June 16, 2007

“Chydig Bach yn Too Much”, a one-person show which forms the first major overview of work produced by nationally acclaimed U.K. artist, Bedwyr Williams, is currently being staged at The City Gallery in Leicester.

Wiiliams’ work encompasses performance (including stand up comedy), installation, drawing, photography and writing.

“He is interested in our sense of place and belonging, but his sharp and humorous observations on provinciality, cultural taste and stereotyping are both surreal and bitingly accurate. Much of his work is performance-based and uses costume, character and stand-up routines, usually autobiographical, to explore themes such as provincial pathos, macho stereotyping and art-world pretentiousness.

Williams, who was short-listed for Beck’s Futures in 2006,  will also be giving a talk at the The City Gallery on June 16. During the talk, he is expected to offer an insight into his world and his diverse artistic practice. The talk starts at 11 am and is free, but booking is essential.

To book, please call The City Gallery on 0116 223 2060.

Source of message: Julie Smith, The City Gallery, Leicester.


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