Petition against reduction in grants for the Arts

An email urging people to contribute to a petition has been winging its way through in boxes over the last few weeks. Petition organisers hope to get up to 40,000 signatures and generate a response from the PM, helping to draw attention to concern and opposition to, amongst other things, the 35% reduction in Grants for the Arts funding.

Source of message: EMIT Writers News, June 2007.

One Response to “Petition against reduction in grants for the Arts”
  1. Leanne Brown says:

    Spark of Brilliance is a program that provides community members who are challenged with mental health issues an outlet to expand who they are and feel valuable within their communities. I have attended and participated in several events and workshops that have shown the true value of this program to both volunteers, families and communities. Spark of Brilliance is on the leading edge of having an impact across the world in my opinion…… my question is why take away valuable programs such as Spark of Brilliance when our country is in such need of support in the area of mental health. Please keep this program going…. it will make our world truly a better place!!

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