New Literary Journals

Petina Gappah says:

Another global message from me, this time to inform you, if you do not know already, that Chuma Nwokolo Jr has established, a new literary journal. Chuma is not only a lapsed barrister, prolific author of edgy stuff like Tales at Jailpoint, writer-in-residence at Oxford’s Ashmolean, and all round good guy, he is also the author of Dangerous Inheritance which you may remember if, like me, you fed on Pacesetters as a teen!

In addition to the usual short fiction, essays, reviews, interviews and poetry, AW also accepts art, photographs, cartoons etc… AW is also looking for plays from rising dramatists. Please spread the word.

On another note, I keep making new discoveries, this month I have made two, the beyond cool , based in the U.K., and the online home of AGNI, a classy lit journal published out of the University of Boston. If you read anything this month, it has to be E. C. Osondu’s amazing AGNI story “Jimmy Carter’s Eyes”, short-listed for this year’s Caine. Also check out his other story “A Letter from Home”. Double woah! I read an interview in which he vowed to master the short story. If you ask me, he is clearly the master of that domain!

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