Workshops, Talks and Events at The City Gallery: July/August 2007

Julie Smith, The City Gallery‘s Marketing Officer says:

Please find [below] information on workshops, talks and events for all ages that are available at The City Gallery, Leicester this coming July and August. If you would like to book a place on any of the workshops please call the Information and Sales Desk on 0116 223 2060.

Family Workshops
Price GBP 4.00 per workshop (GBP 3.50 concessions) per child. Accompanying adults are free.
For ages 3 years and over.

Toy Totems
Thursday 19 July.
10.00 am — 11.30 am.
Using bits of broken or unused toys make a totem pole to stand guard over your other toys or your entire room!

Summer Scrap Book
Friday 27 July.
10.00 am — 11.30 am.
Learn how to make your own colourful photo album, sketchbook or notebook to keep a record of your summer holidays.

Events and Talks for Young People

Half a Mountain of Lard
Saturday 14 July — Saturday 1 September.
Ayling & Conroy’s open submission exhibition for children aged 9 — 14 years.

Young Peoples Artist Talk with Ayling and Conroy
Tuesday 31 July.
3.00 pm — 4.00 pm.
Come and talk to the artists who created the summer exhibition at The City Gallery. Find out about what their ideas are, how they make-work together and take the chance to ask them all of those burning questions that you have in your mind!

Workshops for ages 3 – 7 years
Price GBP 4.00 per workshop (GBP 3.50 concessions) for one adult and one child.
All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Our Mountain
Wednesday 25 July.
10.00 am — 11.30 am.
Collaborate with other participants to make a giant painting.

Beaded Blossoms
Thursday 9 August.
10.00 am — 11.30 am.
Use beads and buttons to make and decorate basic fabric flower shapes, then add them to almost anything to brighten it up.

‘Palm’ Trees
Friday 10 August.
10.00 am — 11.30 am.
Like plants but forget to water them? Make a green leafy plant for your room out of prints of your hands.

Fairly Felty Puppets
16 August.
10.00 am — 11.30 am.
Create your own puppet friends to play with. Nice, nasty, scary or sweet – how they look is up to you!

Big Badges
Wednesday 22 August.
10.00 am — 11.30 am.
Go big! Make a huge statement with these massive badges and brooches.

Workshops for ages ages 8 – 13 years
Price GBP 4.00 per workshop, GBP 3.50 concessions.

Customise a Classic
Wednesday 18 July.
1.30 pm — 3.30 pm.
Do you think old classic paintings could use a bit of modernisation? Work on prints of old masterpieces to bring them up to date.

Metal Mountains
Thursday 19 July.
1.30 pm — 3.30 pm.
Learn a simple sewing technique to create striking pictures from fabric and wire.

Stencil Stamps
Wednesday 25 July.
1.30 pm — 3.30 pm.
Put your personal stamp on anything you own. Learn how to make sturdy stencils that will produce several prints of your chosen image.

Thursday 26 July.
10.00 pm -– 11.30 pm.
Use your imagination for this one! Take bits of broken or old toys from our stock and put them back together again to make your own transformed toy.

Bendy Buddies
Friday 27 July.
1.30 pm -– 3.30 pm.
Come and make your own pose-able toy from wire wrapped with material, then make it sit, stand, point, whatever you like!

Workshops for ages 12 — 17 years

My Mr Mountain
Friday 20 July.
1.00 pm — 3.30 pm.
Fee: GBP 6/GBP 5.50.
Take advantage of someone else’s painting knowledge to learn the basics of oil painting and create the perfect mountain scene.

Recycology (the art of customisation) with Elodie Rosello
Thursday 26 July.
1.30 pm — 4.00 pm.
Fee: GBP 10/GBP 9.
(Please bring with you anything you want to customise!) Reinvent your wardrobe and craft beautiful accessories using simple customisation techniques and recycling.

Adult Talks and Workshops

Artist Talk with Nicola Malkin
17 July.
3.00 pm.
Join Nicola as she talks about her ideas, her work, and her obsession with the gigantification of jewellery.

Behind the Scenes Poetry Workshop with Deborah Tyler-Bennet and Nicola Malkin
Tuesday 17 July.
6.00 pm — 8.00 pm.
Deborah, a widely published poet with a soft spot for fashion and kitsch, will use Nicola Malkin’s work as the source of ideas for writing poetry. The workshop will provide an opportunity for beginners and experienced poets alike to be inspired.

For further information about Behind the Scenes Poetry Workshops, contact:
Kerry Featherstone, Literature Development Officer
T: 0116 2678004

Hand Bookbinding with Daisy Edwards
Saturday 21 July.
10.30 am — 4.00 pm.
Fee: GBP 30/GBP 27.
Karen returns to the gallery by popular demand! This session will take you through some simple Japanese bindings followed by a beautiful Coptic binding technique.

‘Mr Mountain’ with Ayling and Conroy
Saturday 28 July.
10.30 am — 4.00 pm.
Fee: GBP 30/GBP 27.
The artists Ayling and Conroy will guide you through the processes they use to create their ‘Mr Mountain’ oil paintings aided and abetted by instructions from Mr Bob Ross.

Boites a Curios with Elodie Rosello
Saturday 11 August.
10.30 am — 4.00 pm.
Fee: GBP 30/GBP 27.
Make a Curio Box inspired by the work of Ayling and Conroy. Using irrational juxtaposition of made, customised and found nostalgic pieces, create an evocative box filled with personal symbolism. (Please bring with you any personal objects you would like to include.)

Picasso’s Ceramics with Judith Devons
Saturday 18 August.
10.00 am –- 4.30 pm.
Fee: GBP 30/GBP 27.
After a guided tour of the Picasso exhibition at New Walk Museum, return to The City Gallery to create and decorate your own piece of Picasso inspired pottery.
(Pieces will be fired and returned to the gallery for collection at a later date.)

Treasurable Trinkets with Nicola Malkin
Saturday 25 August.
10.30 am — 4.00 pm.
Fee: GBP 30/GBP 27.
Learn from artist Nicola Malkin how to super size the small and special into a giant trinket to love and treasure. The workshop will use ceramic and other techniques.

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