‘New Writing 15’: August 2007 Update

Sophie Goodwin, Web Editor and Information Officer in the British Council’s Literature Department says:

This month’s New Writing 15 website is now live. The theme for this month’s focus is Writers on Writing, which examines the inner workings of a writer’s mind as two authors discuss the highs and lows of what it takes to be a writer.

Ursula Holden‘s account of her writing career is inspirational and a homage to her strength and determination. She sent her first novel to over 40 publishers without finding a home for it; her second novel was accepted by Carcanet Press but lack of money prevented publication and it was only when her work was finally picked up by the late Alan Ross of London Magazine that she was finally published. ‘Write at Your Own Peril’ is an engaging and powerful piece of writing that combines personal memoir with the joys and pains of writing for a living.

Ma Jian left China, uncomfortable at the level of censorship he encountered there. He found Hong Kong to be a city in which he could write freely without losing the inspiration he gained in China. However, when Hong Kong was returned to the Chinese in 1997 his discomfort returned, forcing him to move to the West, far from the people, colours and smells that stimulated his work. His piece ‘A Chinese Writer in London’ describes the issues he has to confront to continue his work.

The website includes notes for teachers, notes for readers, author interviews and glossaries which we will be updating on a monthly basis, focusing on a wide selection of short stories, poems, novel extracts and essays.

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One Response to “‘New Writing 15’: August 2007 Update”
  1. Kevin Duffy says:

    Anthills and Stars has just been given a great review by Transmission Magazine and Scott Pack, ex fiction buyer for Waterstones and now commercial Director of The Friday Project.

    Anthills and Stars
    ISBN 0955336708,
    Bluemoose Books (2006)

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