Fish Publishing News Letter: August 2007

Fish Publishing says:

It has been a long and busy July. The highlight of course was the launch of this year’s Fish Anthology, A Paper Heart Is Beating, A Paper Heart Sets Sail. This was the biggest and best launch we have ever had, with Fish Authors travelling from all over to read their work and receive their prizes. This Anthology is also the biggest and best we have ever published. As Michael Collins says in the foreword — “I was amazed and delighted by the range and quality of the stories … well written, beautifully crafted and, as a short story must, every one of them focused my attention on that very curtailed tableau which a short-story necessarily sets before us.”

As soon as the launch was over and all the books sent out, we had to set about sorting out all the entries for June’s Micro-Fiction Showcase competition. It took us a long time to whittle them all down to a rather long short-list, and then even more time to get down to a final short-list, and, eventually, a whole long wrangle to get down to the final eight winners. We got there in the end of course and the winners (And the runners-up) are there to be read in our Micro-Fiction Showcase.

We have also of course just closed the July competition (Look out for the winners at the end of this month.) and launched the last of these One Euro Competitions. For August we have added a bit of a twist. Having had a few — ‘Ahem! Vehement suggestions’ — we have decided to slacken the controls up a bit, so for this month there are two new categories with limits of 60 words for the stories and eight lines for the poems — still quite short and tight of course, but these longer ones will have to be very good to match up to the very short ones we have already seen. The shorter form categories are of course still in place and this month there will be three winners in each category, giving us twelve winning entries for August, all of which will receive the prize of Twenty-Five Euros, a copy of the Anthology, and will go forward to the final judging for the major prizes.

And then of course its also launch time for this year’s main competition. The [14th] Fish Short Story Prize opens today [August 1] and runs until the end of November. After the great success of last year’s competition and Anthology we are really looking forward to another great year. Look out for the announcement of this year’s judges over the next few months.

And don’t forget our Summer Competitions. You can find out all about:

Again, if you feel you need a hand with our competitions or indeed with anything you are writing, we will be very glad to help through our Editorial Services.

And that’s it for August. Have a great read, a great write and a great summer. (Or winter, if you’re far enough south.)

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