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Ved Vrat Giri says:

I am a journalist and delighted to inform you that I have relaunched my News Portal recently. Earlier it was a bi-lingual (Hindi & English) News Portal. Now we have bifurcated it into two: in English and in Hindi. The first one is relaunched and the second one is about to relaunch within two weeks. This is truly a Complete Citizens Portal. This is, perhaps, the first Indian Portal, which is 100 per cent based on User Generated Content (UGC). This is an ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’ Portal.

Every citizen is a reporter/broadcaster for us and can contribute news, views, images, videos, blogs, debates, forums etc as freely as it is his/her own place or publication. Whatever you think is newsworthy around you or an issue to be raised and should be in public view and be addressed by the concerned authorities in the Government or a civic body or by the public as a whole, come to your own news portal and get registered by making your login name and password and start writing the news stories in your own words with your own perspective.

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