Writers Wanted For Theatre Blog

Andrew Eglinton is editor and founder of London Theatre Blog (LTB), a weblog that has been running since September 2006.

The blog has gained recognition from industry peers including referrals from Encore Theatre Magazine, Theatre Voice and mentions in the online versions of the Guardian and Times newspapers.

Eglinton says that, from the outset, the remit of LTB has been to widen participation and involve a diverse range of writers to explore as many facets of performance as possible. Over the past year there have been a number of one-off guest writers who have contributed high quality articles, usually in line with their own personal expertise and this has set LTB apart in the field of independent theatre writing.

“LTB is now at the stage of wanting to push its output further and take on board regular contributors to post articles on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Given that LTB has always been run on a non-profit basis, I cannot offer financial remuneration. What I can offer though is the chance to expose your work on an established and respected online platform,” he says.

Each contributor would be given a profile page with space for some biographical information, a link to a website, contact address and CV. Each contributor would also retain intellectual copyright over his/her work.

“The type of work you would submit is left entirely at your discretion. Past work has included performance and play text reviews, excerpts from research papers, short essays, interviews with practitioners, criticism and commentary, contextualised excerpts from new writing and more,” Eglinton says.

He emphasizes that the only prerequisites are that the article must engage with the notion of performance and that the article must be clearly structured and challenge its audience.

“So if you have a background in theater and you’re passionate about writing and can deliver work to a high standard, this is an excellent opportunity to disseminate your work and learn about the online publishing industry. Please get in touch. Please include an excerpt of a piece of recent written work and let me know why you would be interested in writing for LTB,” he says.

Contact details:

Andrew Eglinton
London Theatre Blog
E: londontheatreblog@googlemail.co.uk.

Source of message: EMIT Writers News (August).

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One Response to “Writers Wanted For Theatre Blog”
  1. Andy Roberts says:

    London Theatre Blog is fine so maybe a few more writers will volunteer. Once people get started blogging though, they usually want to write on their own blogs first.

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