Transmission Issue 10

Transmission Magazine says:

We’re still here, fighting for the promotion of independent literature, battling to see more short stories in print and slogging through the no-man’s land of mass-market junk to salvage the small literary gems.

Why do we do it?

Well, we feel we have to, “Not necessarily to Win,” as the late Hunter S Thompson once said, “but mainly to keep from Losing Completely.”

It’s now time to announce the theme for Transmission Issue#10.

To celebrate our moving into double figures and over three years of publishing, we are launching a new look Transmission for January 2008. It is a closely guarded secret at the moment, but keep your eyes and ears open as we might be giving you sneak previews nearer the time. So, to go hand-in-hand with the new look, the theme for Issue #10 submissions is “New”.

We are now looking for short stories for Issue #10 with the theme “New” for publication in January 2008.


  • We are looking for PROSE submissions from U.K. writers only.
  • 3000 words maximum for submissions or 500 words maximum for stories in our micro-fiction section.
  • Please submit your work as an MS Word Document. It is absolutely imperative you put your name, and the title of your work, on the attachment!
  • Please send all submissions to
  • All writers should include 20 words max. about themselves (please include where you are from and/or where you are living now).
  • The deadline for Issue #10 submissions: Monday, November 12, 2007.
  • For the “Dos and Don’ts” of submitting to Transmission, visit the complete guidelines.

Please note:

  • No payment is offered for any submission, although contributors do receive a copy of the magazine.
  • And unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions, we cannot offer individual feedback on any writing.

Source of message:

Transmission Magazine via EMIT Writers News (August).


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