The Bat Segundo Show: the latest seven shows

The latest seven installments (Shows #127-133) of The Bat Segundo Show, a literary podcast featuring interviews with today’s contemporary writers, are now up.

These shows include a detailed interview with William Gibson (#133) in which he says “warmy blanky” many times, a heated conversation with the controversial Katie Roiphe (#129), a discussion about satirical allegory with Matthew Sharpe (#132), a talk with Michelle Richmond (#127) about writing a novel based in San Francisco, as well as memories of summer camp with Mindy Schneider (#128).

In addition, Our Young, Roving Correspondent, in an effort to interview all known authors named Kate, has talked with four of them in a row — including Kate Christensen (#131), Katharine Weber (#130), and Katherine Taylor (#128). These sundry Kates discussed everything from MFK Fisher to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.

Mr. Segundo has, during the dog days of summer, found his hosting duties quite grueling and is blaming everything from cyberspace to authors named Kate for his fatigue. He has once again refused to have anything to do with the Bolsheviks over at the Litblog Co-Op. But despite Mr. Segundo’s objections, two of this quarter’s LBC authors remain part of these podcasts. Be sure to visit the LBC site to find additional book and author discussion.

Source of message:
Edward Champion,
The Bat Segundo Show.


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