Tuesday Links: Steve Dearden; Jonathan Taylor; Valerie Tagwira

  • Steve Dearden has been as busy as ever. He’s recently been working on another literary project, Bradford Square, which was was part of Stir, a festival of extraordinary happenings in Bradford City Centre which took place in July 2007. The project website is well worth visiting and exploring. He says: “Bradford Square emerges from my interests in found reading and in public space… As the son of an urban architect, and through being involved with regeneration in some of the northern cities, I am fascinated by how people occupy, move through and animate public space.”
  • Jonathan Taylor is one of the co-founders of Crystal Clear Creators, a not-for-profit organization which develops, records, showcases and promotes new and established talent for radio. He is also an author. His memoir, Take Me Home: Parkinson’s, My Father, Myself which was published recently by Granta has received some very positive reviews in The Sunday Times, The Guardian and the Times Literary Supplement.
  • Zimbabwean medical doctor and author, Valerie Tagwira now has an online presence. Her blog is pleasing to the eye and contains links to information on her debut novel, The Uncertainty of Hope as well as links to several reviews that have been published on the novel and to interviews that she has given to newspapers and magazines.

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