Wednesday Links: Tabitha Suzuma; Caroline Pitcher; Irving Karchmar

  • Tabitha Suzuma has published two novels so far. She made her debut with A Note of Madness, which was subsequently shortlisted for the Branford Boase Book Award 2007 and the Times Educational Supplement Book Award 2006. Her second book, From Where I Stand was longlisted for the Waterstone’s Book Award 2007. We’ve just been told the sequel to A Note of Madness is coming out next May.
  • Caroline Pitcher has a new book, The Shaman Boy which was released in July of this year.
  • Irving Karchmar‘s novel, Master of the Jinn came out in Turkey on Apr. 18. The novel has also been selected as one of the books to be read and discussed in the Philosophy 150: Great Ideas class at Oregon State University. Karchmar says, “The students are also free to email me with any comments or questions about the book (as are any of you who have read it, of course). It is an honor for the book to be selected.” The novel will also be published in Indonesia, into Bahasa, the national language, in mid-September and will be available in the bookstores there by mid-October.
One Response to “Wednesday Links: Tabitha Suzuma; Caroline Pitcher; Irving Karchmar”
  1. irving says:

    Thank you for the mention. Peace and Blessings!

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