New Writing 15: September Update

This month’s New Writing 15 website is now live. The theme for this month’s focus is Couples, which includes two poems and one short story that explore ideas around couples and the intensity of relationships — sexual encounters, romance and affairs.

The double-meaning contained within the title of Charles Lambert‘s witty story, ‘Entertaining Friends’ is typical of the sharp energy which infuses his writing. The narrator is a charismatic and narcissistic personality who enjoys a decadent life-style supported by ex-lovers, friends and potential paramours. Power, sensuality and ardour are at the heart of this ravishing tale.

Henry Shukman‘s tender poem, ‘The Call, Upside Down’ is a thoughtful letter of desire to an uttainable loved one some distance away — both physically and emotionally. Using the link between the enigma of technology and the mystique of love, Shukman movingly recounts the pain of torn loyalties, longing and impossible desire.

Catherine Smith‘s poem, ‘The White Sheets’ describes sexual appetites that are urgent, intense and vigorous. Flitting from an exotic foreign situation to a gloomy part of London, the undercurrent of desire is prevalent throughout the poem. Gently humorous, wise and warm Smith’s poem is a homage to love, romance and passion.

The website includes notes for teachers, notes for readers, author interviews and glossaries which we will be updating on a monthly basis, focusing on a wide selection of short stories, poems, novel extracts and essays.

Source of message:

Sophie Goodwin
Web Editor and Information Assistant
Arts Group
British Council


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